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Flower top of ready-to-harvest quinoa leaning over a big burdock leaf

Bethanne Wanamaker and I built our most fantastic, mineralized, abundant garden last year (2011) and in this 2012 harvest season, its yield is off the charts! Enjoy these 3 videos demonstrating the process of going from heirloom garden to superfood salad.


Bethanne demonstrates the beauty of this process while Lauren Amerson (Check out Lauren’s Shakti Goddess site and her YouTube channel) does a top notch job interviewing from behind the camera. Thanks Lauren!


Video 1/3: Epic garden tour:

Video 2/3: Epic garden tour with juicy details:

Video 3/3: Take it to the kitchen:

Now go out and grow your garden sanctuary!


Take a tour with me of my organic, biodiversified, richly amended, highly mineralized home garden:

In the lower left, there are spade-like green leaves. That’s burdock. See how BIG they got in the the video.


You can do this too!Create your own garden with whatever you have….on your porch or in a bigger space..start now!” -Christian


The video’s intro and outro music from my last post: The Health Debate Rap Music Video!


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