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Although I am the type of person to focus on positive superfood-lifestyle solutions and ask really positive questions, I recently put up a questionnaire on Facebook asking my conscious foodie friends what their greatest frustration and greatest fear is regarding their health and nutrition quest. I was actually looking for personal issues like frustrations in the kitchen or fears about actually healing certain issues. Issues that I can gear my content to in a more “How to do this for this in your own home” style.

Interestingly, people posted more external frustrations like how can anyone find quality food when farming techniques are not fully disclosed even if certified organic, fears about wide spread GMO contamination via pollination of crops, frustrations that their conscious foodie community and family generally can’t afford a complete healing-with-food program, or fears that the world or even the raw food industry just won’t keep up with their leading edge nutrition and lifestyle quality. It seems people have a strong notion of how these exterior burdens feel like a more personal oppression against one’s¬†freedom to pursue an uncapped state of health.

Now to the inspirationally positive content….

I can totally relate to my Facebook questionnaire friends and have had all of those thoughts. They are all worth considering so that we don’t live in a “lala land” of innocence, ignorant of the gloomier possibilities or darker forces that can affect our path. This being said, there is a part of me – in fact the principle part of my heart and my destiny of knowing my power and everyone else’s innate and developable power – that knows:

That when there is no way, then there is a way;

That when things look down, nature can’t help but bring things up;

That when struggle and hopelessness darken one’s site, then a solution of light is right under our feet;

That when you feel like your vision of living in paradise will be forever compromised, then you have found your mission and you will now forever live with your vision.

Inspire people about what you know everyday ANYWHERE (including corners of the Grand Canyon)

Next time you are going along in your healthy day and a frustration or fear comes up about how health-upside-down the outside world is, immediately start expressing your personal positive passions that are underneath the fear. Express your passion to someone – anyone – or on facebook or anywhere. You will probably have just the perfect words to inspire people, as well as to pick your own self up. Tell those people that you can find food that is grown with quality that is only getting better over time; that nature will always cleverly outdo crazy things like GMO’s and that we humans are clever enough to only get better at knowing exactly which foods are not tainted; that we are all doing our best to acquire the abundance of nutrition that we deserve and that the more you act in alignment with your mission and vision, then the more abundance of a complete nutritional protocol will come your way; and that food quality within the ever growing “raw industry” will only get better and more diverse. I can barely wait for the certain day when we go into a supermarket and there are literally tens of thousands of raw brands to choose from, all with the most exquisite flavors and deluxe nutritional content.

In fact, that is the world I do my very best to live in as our kitchen slowly turns into a supermarket of superfood-rich conscious foodie creations. I am writing this blog on my laptop out in the afternoon sun in a lawn chair that I built myself from bamboo and local wood (having never built furniture before in my life, but I trusted my insight), with a grounding pad underneath my feet, having recently eaten superfood chocolates and coated my skin in Edible-Goddess-style body butters, affirming in my actions what is possible despite what loony-tunes things are happening in the world today. And through my computer I am telling people about my vision and mission, inspiring people all over the world, as well as keeping my own contentment up as I trust my own discernment.

Simply put, in my opnion, the top 2 necessary keys to be a content conscious foodie in the world we live in are:

1. At least once a day, inspire someone with your words of wisdom on how the variety of ways the planet is changing for the healthier.

2. Live the change you see, like its already come to its fruition in your world. And when you do, most importantly, your vision of the highest nutrition and most fantastic natural lifesytle is already actualized within you.

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