“Do you want a clear step-by-step strategy to take you from feeling and looking tired, stressed, and depleted to always feeling AMAZING? Keep reading because you can be a health-conscious superhero who exudes RADIANCE, vitality, and youth – every day of the week…”

VIP Retreat Day with Christian Bates

and Bethanne Wanamker

I invite you to come spend a day with us while we coach and teach you how to take what you’re already doing and skyrocket your results with simple, yet profound changes in your nutritional approach and lifestyle. This very special retreat will be entirely devoted to helping YOU refine your current strategy, creating a “blueprint” that you can follow with joy and ease, and that will DELIVER what you dream about!

We’ll also spend some time in our kitchen showing you how to create easy, mouth-watering, super nutrient-dense drinks and light meals that you and your loved ones will absolutely devour with appreciation and satisfaction!

You will walk away from the VIP retreat day with a customized, crystal clear plan for how to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

You will be an even “better” version of you at the end of the retreat. You will be deeply inspired, self-empowered, in awe of all the possibilities, and ready to take action in your daily life.

In these 6 hours together, we will get really clear on the ways you have previously compromised your food or supplement choices, if/how you have become complacent with your food choices and how to bust through that plateau. We will give you everything you need to know to live an exceptionally healthy and conscious lifestyle the moment your retreat day begins.

If you know you’re not here to live a mediocre life and want
to gain momentum to live and feel extraordinary, read on…

Make Health Your #1 Priority

It is well known that people don’t take giant leaps forward without motivation and support. With the right information, the right customized strategy, and specific actions that will inevitably lead to dramatic and positive results, you can skyrocket to levels of health you did not even know were possible before.

When learning about health and nutrition, the learning curve can be a much longer process than we had hoped for considering the great deal of conflicting information out there. If you spend your time sorting through it all and trying out the different approaches that come your way, you may find that none of it was really that effective and there is still room for improvement. How frustrating, right?

You no longer want to accept feeling just “OK” and “pretty good” – you want to feel AMAZING, vital, energetic, and youthful! And, you don’t want it to have to take years and years to get beyond where you’re at, and to even master your health.



Invest in Your Health For One HIGH VALUE Day of Private Mentoring and Receive:

6 hours of Individual VIP strategizing and coaching
An in-depth evaluation and consultation, including health history and goal-setting
A life-changing strategy and implementation plan that will bring you ease and confidence in your strategy
High-vibe food and beverage recipe ideas for energy, cellular nutrition, and building resistance to stress
Deep nourishment and satisfaction from the mouth-watering goodies we prepare together

You’ll Learn How To:

Set Up Your Healthy Kitchen for Success
Whip Up Super Nutrient-Dense Liquid Nutrition Meals
Prepare Delicious Tonic Elixirs, Medicinal Teas, and Herbal Tonics
Make Superfood-Loaded and Herbal-Infused Raw Chocolates and Fudge
Create Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Foods Even More Pleasing to Your Palate

All recipes are custom made to satisfy your taste buds and preferences.

You WILL Discover How To Activate the Irresistible Potential That Lies Within YOU.

You'll Receive many Special Bonus Goodies for Health & Beauty!


(pretty much, you’re going to get hooked up!)



Our ground-breaking Superfood Beauty Elixirs spiral-bound hard copy book, and eBook
Bethanne’s Everlasting Vitality and Youth: Seven Secrets Revealed for Radiant Health and Natural Beauty booklet, and eBook
A HIGH value, generous take-home VIP goodie bag with several products that will make all the difference in your world and set you up for success
One Week of Complimentary Email Support Following Your Retreat Day

Are you ready to up-level your health?

Your investment for my VIP Coaching Retreat Day is regularly $997 and is all-inclusive.


Consider the amount of time and money that you spend trying to figure out how to get healthier, how to refine your health strategy and supplement routine and the disappointment of it not working to the degree that you had hoped for. Isn’t your health worth the investment?

You have the power to unleash the innate healing regenerative energy within you. That’s really powerful and will positively influence the rest of your life (not to mention your loved ones).

I ask that prior to applying, you are as committed to your success as much as I am committed to your success. My clients who respond “yes” to this, do successfully make the leap (even a quantum leap) and bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be. With your approval, I can help move you along quickly to reaching your health goals and greater cutting edge nutrition and lifestyle knowledge.


If you are a highly-committed, motivated and health-conscious enthusiast who is ready to take your health to the next level, and you REALLY WANTS TO LEARN invaluable information that will positively influence the rest of your life, this VIP retreat opportunity is for YOU!


At our home in Marin County, California (north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco)
with breathtaking, spectacular, and surrounding magnificent views of Nature!


Want to learn all that I know about Conscious Nutrition and Intentional Living? Don’t postpone your greatest investment ever: YOUR HEALTH – Contact Christian today at Info@ChristianBates.com!

I really look forward to the possibility of working with you in a personalized, cozy, and intimate retreat setting. This opportunity will be a powerful catalyst to take your health to the next level, and to help you manifest your life’s dreams more easily as a result of creating a deep core energy that sustains you throughout your entire day.

If this health investment speaks to you and you’d like to apply for this private VIP retreat opportunity, please email me: info@ChristianBates.com. We will then set up your complimentary session where we’ll get acquainted to see if this opportunity is right for you.

This special day is not for everyone; if you are committed to yourself and your health however, and are motivated to make positive changes that WILL offer the results you’ve been striving for, then this day may be perfect for you. I invite you to join me for this private coaching retreat that will be unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. I absolutely guarantee it!

I look forward to learning more about you and strategizing a customized plan just for you that will skyrocket your success and allow you to take great leaps in your health, nutrition, beauty, and lifestyle.


My Personal “Absolute Satisfaction” Guarantee!

All of my virtual and in-person programs are 100% absolute satisfaction guaranteed. If you invest in this VIP Retreat Day with me and decide it was of no value to you, you will get 100% of your money back and we part as friends.

No reason needed. No questions asked. No hard feelings. Really! :)

That’s my personal promise to you.

I invite you to say, “Yes!” today from a place of love for yourself, the health you want, those near and dear to you you’re here to serve, and the extraordinary life you’re here to create. I promise to deliver a day full of high quality content, and I’m confident you will get HUGE value.

Stay Inspired,

Christian Bates






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