Christian was born and raised in Marin county, CA. Before dabbling into conscious organic foods and herbs, Christian went through public high school. He started at Tam High 50 pounds overweight and one of the shortest boys in his class. However by his junior year, he had lost 50 pounds in six months by “eating less of my San Francisco sourdough bread addiction and biking every weekend,” and gained a few inches in height as well. Still, he got very depressed and wasn’t able to deal with high school expectations and stress and for many long moments, lost the will to live.


However, by senior year, he had begun to add in yoga, his first herb ginseng, an assortment of green superfood powders, and an organic diet into his life and began to find his passion for living again. He started to discover himself and his mission to the world.

He then traveled to Olympia, WA to spend four years at the Evergreen State College, and earned a BA in raw food nutrition. In that time and the 3 years after, he has catered for Organic superfood centered retreats and conferences with the talents David Wolfe, Woody Harrelson, Bruce Horowitz, Daniel Vitalis, Laura Fox, Sean Lee Gardner, Gabrielle Brick, Truth Calkins, and many others who share his success with eating high quality foods and herbs all day long.

Christian Bates partnered with Yogi Suzi and Ancient Sun to create the WildBar, a superfood cacao bar that has been on natural food stores’ shelves nationally for 7 years. “The WildBar is a great way to teach people how to eat and live in a way that is both completely delicious, really fun and densely healthful!”

Christian lives a full life as the man behind Longevity Power, and is a highly engaged & knowledgeable speaker as well as a healthy role model for men and women of all ages. Keep up with him as he lays out “the most uncompromised, highest quality, results-driven, outrageously fun conscious food lifestyle education ever!

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