WildBar: A Great-Tasting, Nutrient-Dense Bar That Rivals The Finest Supplements

On the entire planet earth, there is one nutrient-dense superfood so rare and so wild that it can only be harvested from renowned Klamath Lake for a few short weeks each year: Ancient Sun’s Wild Blue-Green Algae. Previously available only in our premium supplements, it’s rich in phenylethylamine (20mg PEA per bar), which many scientists believe can dramatically improve concentration, increase mental energy and enhance mood.

Starting in 2005, Christian Bates and his WildBar formulation partner YogiSuzi spend countless hours making hundreds of prototypes to finally unveil the final recipes of WildBar.

We created the ultimate nutritional synergy with the help of wild blue green algae and raw cacao – the true source of chocolate’s great health benefits. We further added some of the most delicious foods, herbs and spices ever wildcrafted by Mother Earth. The result is the WILDBAR. It’s the ultimate superfood, all in a bar so good, so healthy and so delicious that you’ll think it’s manna from heaven.

WILDBAR® A New, Superpremium “Meal in a Bar”
Available in two varieties: Mountain Mint and Mayan Spice

Check out WildBar.info and get your dose of WildBar today!

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