I wish to start my first blog entry by saying that this website ChristianBates.com has been a long time coming. Having eating an organic health-minded diet (one high in superfoods I might add) for 7+ years I have realized that I have leading edge ideas and methods streaming through me a mile a minute, and I want to give you everything I have. My eating and lifestyle recommendations will be only of the most uncompromised, top quality that this growing movement has seen. I see that a lot of methods in the raw food world are missing “the edge” to truly give you the deep core energy, radiant revitalization, impenetrable immune system, and absolute joy that is truly attainable. I will present everything so that you can pick and choose what to easily add in to your life, one step at a time, so that you can have the most exciting and healthiest life ever!

Tip #5
Eat superfoods and wild foods. These were the only foods available several thousand years ago, all other choices today can be called “hybridized,” “demineralized,” or they otherwise lack the virility that turns on our genius DNA so that we can shed our past domesticated sickness and grow into our sexy God/dess brilliance. However, avoid being too restrictive with this. We don’t go 100% wild overnight. Start by eating a couple types of high quality superfoods like heirloom cacao, fun wild food like chickweed or dandelion (probably growing within 10 to 100 feet of you right now), and of course sea vegetables (which are all wild). While adding these magical foods in, keep a balanced diet with plenty of fats (nuts, seeds and olive oil, etc), greens vegetables, sprouts, spring water, low sugar fruits and fruit-vegetables, some sea salt, immune-modulating tonic herbs like reishi, cacao blendies and some bangin’ savory gourmet dense meals. Over time we will all together begin to displace our raw agricultural staples with the wilder equivalents, one balanced step at a time.

Tip #4
Make tonic herbal tea. Now termed “superherbs,” these high mineral immunomodulating herbs which are at par in potency with superfoods should be taken in abundance. Although I definitely also recommend taking as many pre-made powders or capsules of superherbs as you can afford, FIRST go for the tea you make yourself at home. You can easily order online a quick tea blend of chopped reishi mushroom, cat’s claw, pau d’arco, ginseng, goji berries, gynostemma, and vanilla bean. Brew those up with water (preferably spring water) and a pinch of salt in a 1.5 quart or bigger pot, letting simmer for at least 20 minutes. Sweeten with stevia. There are so many other tonic herbs I consume in tea form on a consistent basis like dandelion root, cistanche, red asparagus root, jujube date, astragalus, white atractylodes, cinnamon, schisandra berries, turkey tail mushrooms, cordyceps, etc. The hot water extracts (a.k.a. tea) of the superior herbs deeply nourish the organs and glands. Many of them are full of polysaccharides which go into your body and teach your immune system to be ever more resilient. Dabbling in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Amazonian herbal medicine will reveal a whole world completely compatible with raw foods.

Tip #3
Eat plenty of high quality oily foods. Experiment with what ratio of fat, protein and carbs keep you balanced. Try the oily food chia. You might surprise yourself as to how little sugar you actually need, and how much fat your body is actually craving after a lifetime of eating too much sugar and only toxic fats. This goes with the part of tip #5: avoiding hybridized produce which has been foolishly bred over generations to have higher sugar and lower medicine – the exact opposite of what we actually want.

Tip #2
Realize that water is a living organism and that you are mostly water. Fresh spring water is the only living water, and all high-tech filtration systems cannot bring tap water back to life. However, it would be wise to stay hydrated on plenty of filtered water than to have too little water because you are holding out for the spring water. Go to www.findaspring.com and find your local spring. Get a carload of spring water in jugs from it twice a month, and feel the difference that fresh living water makes to your state of well-being.

Tip #1
Connect your diet to your lifestyle and nature. Touch moist earth with bare skin and get electrically and spiritually grounded. Get naked in the sun this spring and summer. If you have nosy neighbors, but a private south facing window, open it at noon, take the screen off and get a tan indoors! Garden with heirloom and wild seeds, and make sure you amend your soil with GroPal, rock dust, MycoGrow, bat guano and silt from your nearest clean river or creek. Saturate your mind with educational YouTube videos on herbs, superfoods, wild foods, spring water, and begin to pick out what is great information from what and who is missing the mark. Acknowledge your efforts and have really high self esteem about your choices no matter what!

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