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Best of 2012 Lean Back Playlist

My Best of 2012 Lean Back Playlist. 7 videos, 32 epic minutes of me: Relax, get entertained, get educated.

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I have been nominated for Best of Raw 2012!

Please vote for me (by February 10th 2013) HERE in each of the following 7 categories:

Longevity Spirulina 454g Bottle Pic 01Christian Bates (me) in PEOPLE: Raw Educator 5+
Christian Bates (me) in PEOPLE: Male Athlete
Christian Bates (me) in PEOPLE: Raw Friendly Musical Act
Christian Bates (me) in PEOPLE: Sexiest Raw Man
Christian Bates (me) in PEOPLE: Funniest Raw Man

Longevity Spirulina (my product) in PRODUCTS Green Protein Powder

Longevity Power Inc. (my company) in ECO-RAW: Company

What I Did in 2012:

– I made 7 videos including the Epic Health Rap Battle of History!

ymp_60_web I taught many Raw Chocolate Dessert classes

– I started the Bay Area’s 1st mobile superfood tonic bar.

– I founded the Bay Area Spring Water, Wild Food and Vitality Meetup Group and lead Wild Food Spring Water Hikes

– I formulated and launched Ancient Sun Nutrition’s Yoga Manna – blend of 8 of the world’s most powerful algaes.

615859_254723881317808_1733267998_o– And my biggest accomplishment of 2012 is the launch of my company Longevity Power and its 4 signature products. Longevity Power is the culmination of my last 10 years teaching and living the best nutrition ever.

Thank you to my girlfriend Bethanne Wanamaker and my fans for rooting me on everyday! I could not have done any of these without you!

Enjoy the videos and THANK YOU for voting!


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