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I just described how to make my “special no-refridgeration-needed 50%-wild-food cabbage-nori-pate-saurkraut burrito!” in part 2. It was a savory recipe. We also need sweet recipes for traveling…Chocolatey sweet! I am going to give you a guideline formula so that you can create your own raw truffles – cacao covered superfood nougat – that you can munch on while traveling and get your nutritional needs met. This is my specialty. After creating the first two flavors of WildBar 4 years ago, I have figured out how to teach people how to make their own rich treats without giving away my precious trade secrets.

Truffles are great because the outer raw chocoalte coating can be very high cacao content which means it won’t melt until it reaches 90*F (the point when cacao butter goes from solid to liquid), and then a much creamier inner nugget which gets soft at a lower temperature but is held in place by its hard chocolate exterior. Melts in your mouth, not in your car, bag or whatever warmth your traveling might lead you to.

First pick your favorite nuts and seeds, soak them 12 hours and then dehydrate them. A good dehydrator can fully dehydrate larger nuts in 12-36 hours. I love brazil nuts (because they are wild) mixed with pumpkins seeds and anything else (macadamisa, walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds and hemp seeds). Note that hemp seeds don’t need to be soaked and dehydrated.

Fill a food processor half full with your dehydrated nut and seed choices and add a handful of chopped cacao butter. Blend until warm and creamy. Don’t let get too hot. Feel free to write down the exact recipe you’re using so that you can tweak it with your future artisan formulations.

Add a couple spinkles of salt, a small amount of sweetener (low glycemic is better, you might try: a sprinkle of xylitol and a few spoonfuls of yacon syrup or Jerusalem artichoke syrup.) Then definatly add a couple small dashes of the NOW brand of organic stevia extract powder. If you have had problems with stevia in the past, this is your solution. This stuff is enzymatically pre-digested to remove the chemical-like aftertaste of the stevia, resulting in a much more neutral creamy sweetness. Place in bowl and stir in all your superfood powders: spirulina, blue green algae, shilajit, mucuna, vanilla, mushroom extract powders, etc. Then add some crunchy whole nuts and seeds. Drizzle into ice cube trays and freeze until hard.

To make the raw dark chocolate: Melt a bunch of raw cacao butter and put equal parts cacao butter and cacao powder together in a blender. Keep warm and act fast. Most importantly, don’t let any water droplets make their way into your dark chocolate formulations or it can mess up the texture (or “temper”) of the finalized hard chocolate. Add vanilla powder, a tiny pinch of salt and sweeteners of choice. A little NOW brand stevia again and small amount of xylitol is all it takes as this chocolate can be bittersweet. Pour into narrow bowl or large measuring glass.

Pop the nougats out of the ice cube trays, hand dip them in the liquid chocolate, and place on wax paper or dehydrator sheets. The chocolate will very quickly harden around the new frozen centers. Chow down immediately to enjoy your personal travel-able decadence. Have the best superfood travels ever!

I’d love to show you how to make non-perishable savory foods for traveling with no refrigeration, no kitchen conveniences, and no wild foraging access. As I began to describe in How to Be a Truly Prepared Raw Superfoodist Traveler Part 1, I was at the Warrior Training Camp last year where I had to make EVERYTHING I would eat ahead of time, and it would have to be able to stay fresh when conditions outside were 100*F. While everyone else was eating pesticide iceburg lettuce sloppy joes, I lived it up like a king (well, a warrior king in sardine bunk bed sleeping quarters) 😉 and ate this!:

This is my “special no-refridgeration-needed 50%-wild-food cabbage-nori-pate-saurkraut burrito!” This will work for most people’s constitutions as a traveling staple. It can be whipped up out of a suitcase packed with only the following foods that all stay fresh at least 2 weeks at room temperature:

1. Organic cabbage. Try to find heirloom from farmer’s market. Bring a green cultivar and a red one for variety. This is hardly a wild food, however it is known globally as the least perishable vegetable!

2. Bag full of organic raw/untoasted nori sheets.

3. Sea vegetables of choice. I can eat lot of kelp, but I can only eat so much dulse, so don’t go overboard on dulse, you might get sick of it, even if it is your favorite.

4. Bottle of organic cold-pressed olive oil.

5. Organic limes. Any citrus will do, but I prefer limes because they seem to have the most virility. Low sugar, no molding.

6. Kitchen utensils: Small knife for cutting the limes, spoon to scoop the pate and large dish plate to eat on.

7. Raw Organic Sauerkraut. Have fun with this one. Since we are doing a lot of cabbage already, I would choose or make a saurkraut that had lots of vegetables, wild herbs, lots of flavorful spices, as simple sauerkrauts tend to be 99% cabbage.

8. Spirulina!

8. Optional: Raw Seed crackers

9. And most importantly, my no-water ultra pates!

Make more of the pate than you think you will need, as that is the point of all the preparation is to make sure you are 100% at ease with your food. This way you for sure never run out on your way back home, and you have some to share. You can actually use any pate recipe that you know of, as long as you have every ingredient dehydrated first. This keeps it shelf stable. I made 3 pates to keep my taste buds excited, Mexican, Italian, and Chinese. They followed these guidelines:

Make soaked and dehydrated nuts and seeds (equal parts brazil nuts, truly raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and walnuts is awesome!) To make these, put them in a large bowl, cover with spring water for 12 hours, the dehydrate them in a dehydrator until they are crunchy dry when you break a seed in half. Half-fill a kitchen-aid-like sharp-bladed food processor with soaked and dehydrated nuts and seeds. Blend into an oily meal. Then add:

~at least a half cup of olive oil (more if you like your food oily like me)

~Veggie-sweetener like chopped sundried tomatos, paprika, and/or burdock root

~Several dashes of sea salt

~Sprinkles of garlic powder and cayenne powder

~Spices and herbs of choice. For Mexican use few sprinkles each of chiles (cumin seed, jalepeno powder, etc), coriander seed, and oregano. For Italian use few spinkles of thyme, rosemary, oregano, and fennel seed. For Chinese use a few sprinkles of Chinese 5 Spice Powder.

Blend into a oily crunchy paste. The oil content will keep the pate moist even though it has no water. Keep in sealed pyrex dishes or mason jars. Onsite, to make yourself the best meal ever, make a couple burritos. For each burrito take a large leaf or two of cabbage, cover it with a nori sheet, then place pate, sauerkraut and sea veggies inside. Top with your preferred amount of squeezed lime, olive oil and spirulina. Eat and share anywhere on Earth!

Stay tuned for part 3: guideline on making traveler’s chocolate superfood breakfast treats and dessert snacks you can eat a lot of with only good medicinal effects, no heaviness or sugar spike.

Imagine this. You are a superfoodist far away from home and your bag of goodies runs out, your water jugs break, and the local food scene is NO help. Low in your usual vital energy you try to fast! But then, far away from home, you bog down and eat some starchy non-superfood meal with crappy water, your blood sugar spikes, your skin breaks out, you feel helpless and….

You wake up from the nightmare and decide to become FULLY prepared.

If a superfoodist like yourself is less than excellently prepared with food and drink abundance while traveling in every condition, then peace of mind can only go so far. We are what we eat, so let’s remain the best ever when we are on the go and only get healthier everyday with no stress. The prepared and well-stocked superfoodist at home becomes an elite traveler in this blog post.

There are a few travel factors and every destination will have a particular permutation which will help you decide what to bring.

~By car or by plane?
~Going by yourself or with others?
~Traveling to hardly-raw friendly or mostly raw-friendly scene?
~Spring water nearby or not?
~Refrigeration on location or not?
~Kitchen for you or not?

Last summer, I went to the one week Enlightenned Warrior Training Camp in 100*F Fresno, CA. No person or situation was going to cater to me. All I had was my car. I knew a raw foodist couple who went to the camp the year before who ended up drinking tap water and eating conventional produce and got sick! Conditions would be rough…if I wasn’t fully prepared, which I was 😉 and had the best time of my life!

Thus I brought many gallons of spring water, each bottle wrapped in blankets to avoid breakage in my trunk. I only brought prepared non-perishable foods, as I had no time to prepare, no refrigeration, no camp food to add. How did I have a great balance of savory and sweet superfood lifestyle complete meals and snacks during the intensity of a five-day intensive camp? How did I eat like a king with enough to share?! Stay tuned for detailed instructions in part 2…

I wish to start my first blog entry by saying that this website has been a long time coming. Having eating an organic health-minded diet (one high in superfoods I might add) for 7+ years I have realized that I have leading edge ideas and methods streaming through me a mile a minute, and I want to give you everything I have. My eating and lifestyle recommendations will be only of the most uncompromised, top quality that this growing movement has seen. I see that a lot of methods in the raw food world are missing “the edge” to truly give you the deep core energy, radiant revitalization, impenetrable immune system, and absolute joy that is truly attainable. I will present everything so that you can pick and choose what to easily add in to your life, one step at a time, so that you can have the most exciting and healthiest life ever!

Tip #5
Eat superfoods and wild foods. These were the only foods available several thousand years ago, all other choices today can be called “hybridized,” “demineralized,” or they otherwise lack the virility that turns on our genius DNA so that we can shed our past domesticated sickness and grow into our sexy God/dess brilliance. However, avoid being too restrictive with this. We don’t go 100% wild overnight. Start by eating a couple types of high quality superfoods like heirloom cacao, fun wild food like chickweed or dandelion (probably growing within 10 to 100 feet of you right now), and of course sea vegetables (which are all wild). While adding these magical foods in, keep a balanced diet with plenty of fats (nuts, seeds and olive oil, etc), greens vegetables, sprouts, spring water, low sugar fruits and fruit-vegetables, some sea salt, immune-modulating tonic herbs like reishi, cacao blendies and some bangin’ savory gourmet dense meals. Over time we will all together begin to displace our raw agricultural staples with the wilder equivalents, one balanced step at a time.

Tip #4
Make tonic herbal tea. Now termed “superherbs,” these high mineral immunomodulating herbs which are at par in potency with superfoods should be taken in abundance. Although I definitely also recommend taking as many pre-made powders or capsules of superherbs as you can afford, FIRST go for the tea you make yourself at home. You can easily order online a quick tea blend of chopped reishi mushroom, cat’s claw, pau d’arco, ginseng, goji berries, gynostemma, and vanilla bean. Brew those up with water (preferably spring water) and a pinch of salt in a 1.5 quart or bigger pot, letting simmer for at least 20 minutes. Sweeten with stevia. There are so many other tonic herbs I consume in tea form on a consistent basis like dandelion root, cistanche, red asparagus root, jujube date, astragalus, white atractylodes, cinnamon, schisandra berries, turkey tail mushrooms, cordyceps, etc. The hot water extracts (a.k.a. tea) of the superior herbs deeply nourish the organs and glands. Many of them are full of polysaccharides which go into your body and teach your immune system to be ever more resilient. Dabbling in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Amazonian herbal medicine will reveal a whole world completely compatible with raw foods.

Tip #3
Eat plenty of high quality oily foods. Experiment with what ratio of fat, protein and carbs keep you balanced. Try the oily food chia. You might surprise yourself as to how little sugar you actually need, and how much fat your body is actually craving after a lifetime of eating too much sugar and only toxic fats. This goes with the part of tip #5: avoiding hybridized produce which has been foolishly bred over generations to have higher sugar and lower medicine – the exact opposite of what we actually want.

Tip #2
Realize that water is a living organism and that you are mostly water. Fresh spring water is the only living water, and all high-tech filtration systems cannot bring tap water back to life. However, it would be wise to stay hydrated on plenty of filtered water than to have too little water because you are holding out for the spring water. Go to and find your local spring. Get a carload of spring water in jugs from it twice a month, and feel the difference that fresh living water makes to your state of well-being.

Tip #1
Connect your diet to your lifestyle and nature. Touch moist earth with bare skin and get electrically and spiritually grounded. Get naked in the sun this spring and summer. If you have nosy neighbors, but a private south facing window, open it at noon, take the screen off and get a tan indoors! Garden with heirloom and wild seeds, and make sure you amend your soil with GroPal, rock dust, MycoGrow, bat guano and silt from your nearest clean river or creek. Saturate your mind with educational YouTube videos on herbs, superfoods, wild foods, spring water, and begin to pick out what is great information from what and who is missing the mark. Acknowledge your efforts and have really high self esteem about your choices no matter what!

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