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“Hi Edible Goddess fans! This is Bethanne’s love, Christian Bates.I love boosting my health through therapeutically nutritious elixirs, superfood drinks, and tonic herbs and occasionally doing a fast or cleanse on them, and I really hope you do to or will start to today.

Christian and Bethanne

And yet I see so many people doing the second best thing, which is trying get their trace nutrients from green vegetable juice only.

May I be frank and bold? There are countless…..”

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Although I am the type of person to focus on positive superfood-lifestyle solutions and ask really positive questions, I recently put up a questionnaire on Facebook asking my conscious foodie friends what their greatest frustration and greatest fear is regarding their health and nutrition quest. I was actually looking for personal issues like frustrations in the kitchen or fears about actually healing certain issues. Issues that I can gear my content to in a more “How to do this for this in your own home” style.

Interestingly, people posted more external frustrations like how can anyone find quality food when farming techniques are not fully disclosed even if certified organic, fears about wide spread GMO contamination via pollination of crops, frustrations that their conscious foodie community and family generally can’t afford a complete healing-with-food program, or fears that the world or even the raw food industry just won’t keep up with their leading edge nutrition and lifestyle quality. It seems people have a strong notion of how these exterior burdens feel like a more personal oppression against one’s freedom to pursue an uncapped state of health.

Now to the inspirationally positive content….

I can totally relate to my Facebook questionnaire friends and have had all of those thoughts. They are all worth considering so that we don’t live in a “lala land” of innocence, ignorant of the gloomier possibilities or darker forces that can affect our path. This being said, there is a part of me – in fact the principle part of my heart and my destiny of knowing my power and everyone else’s innate and developable power – that knows:

That when there is no way, then there is a way;

That when things look down, nature can’t help but bring things up;

That when struggle and hopelessness darken one’s site, then a solution of light is right under our feet;

That when you feel like your vision of living in paradise will be forever compromised, then you have found your mission and you will now forever live with your vision.

Inspire people about what you know everyday ANYWHERE (including corners of the Grand Canyon)

Next time you are going along in your healthy day and a frustration or fear comes up about how health-upside-down the outside world is, immediately start expressing your personal positive passions that are underneath the fear. Express your passion to someone – anyone – or on facebook or anywhere. You will probably have just the perfect words to inspire people, as well as to pick your own self up. Tell those people that you can find food that is grown with quality that is only getting better over time; that nature will always cleverly outdo crazy things like GMO’s and that we humans are clever enough to only get better at knowing exactly which foods are not tainted; that we are all doing our best to acquire the abundance of nutrition that we deserve and that the more you act in alignment with your mission and vision, then the more abundance of a complete nutritional protocol will come your way; and that food quality within the ever growing “raw industry” will only get better and more diverse. I can barely wait for the certain day when we go into a supermarket and there are literally tens of thousands of raw brands to choose from, all with the most exquisite flavors and deluxe nutritional content.

In fact, that is the world I do my very best to live in as our kitchen slowly turns into a supermarket of superfood-rich conscious foodie creations. I am writing this blog on my laptop out in the afternoon sun in a lawn chair that I built myself from bamboo and local wood (having never built furniture before in my life, but I trusted my insight), with a grounding pad underneath my feet, having recently eaten superfood chocolates and coated my skin in Edible-Goddess-style body butters, affirming in my actions what is possible despite what loony-tunes things are happening in the world today. And through my computer I am telling people about my vision and mission, inspiring people all over the world, as well as keeping my own contentment up as I trust my own discernment.

Simply put, in my opnion, the top 2 necessary keys to be a content conscious foodie in the world we live in are:

1. At least once a day, inspire someone with your words of wisdom on how the variety of ways the planet is changing for the healthier.

2. Live the change you see, like its already come to its fruition in your world. And when you do, most importantly, your vision of the highest nutrition and most fantastic natural lifesytle is already actualized within you.

Raw cacao is considered by some the best food ever, by others a stimulant not part of an optimal diet, and by others the most nutritious food ever but they don’t eat it because its too stimulating in their experience. It’s so funny how things in the raw food world are seemingly conflicting, but of course there is truth behind it all. I’d like to appeal to everybody here and show you what I do with cacao that cancels the stimulation side and turns on the balancing side. If you have sworn to yourself that you are done with cacao, or if you are currently eating bags of cacao every week, either way this is the blog for you.

Tonic herb ice cube tray nougats drenched in blue green algae chocolate

My technique of eating cacao without the stimulation is a new way of looking at chocolate that is also the ancient South American way of looking at chocolate: eating cacao with an abundance of tonic herbs and other superfoods.

Blueberry pie with chocolate-shilajit seed crust

So, next time you make an all raw cacao drink, chocolate ice cream, hard chocolate, fudgey pudding, chocolatey bliss balls, cacao-containing energy bars, chocolate pie, or any other raw recipes you enjoy, consider ammending those recipes with the rich earthy flavors of these tonic herbs and superfoods (each ingredient is a link to a source of the ingredient I really like):

Internet orders + blender + cacao + herbs = gourmet cacao without the stimulation

~Astragalus Powder

~Blue Green AFA algae

~Chaga Mushroom powder

~Cordyceps Mushroom powder

~Ginseng Bude Blossom Crystals

~Goji berries (Up to you to decide whose goji’s you like best)

~He Shu Wu extract powder

~Host Defense multi-mushroom mycelium powder

~Lion’s Mane mushroom extract

~Mucuna powder

~Noni powder

~Pearl Powder

~Reishi Mushroom extract powder

~Rhodiola extract powder

~Royal Jelly (Sean Lee Gardner’s Organic Powder)

~Shilajit powder

~Spirulina powder (“Azteca” and “Manna“)

~Tonic Herb Tea (Bethanne’s blog shows you how to make this; this tea is perfect to make as part of the nut mylk base for the cacao drink! We get all our tea herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs)

~Vanilla Bean powder

I am going to request that you let loose some ideas you might have about your chef skills and realize that you are ALREADY a deeply skilled master alchemical chef ready to whip up a cacao recipe with this technique – even if it is just simply bliss balls (bunch of coconut flakes, hemp seeds, cacao, a couple teaspoons of tonic herb powders and sweetener mashed and rolled into small balls!). Another simple quick recipe is to mix raw cacao powder with melted coconut oil, some sweeteners, pinch of salt, and your choice of herbal powders, and then put into ice cube trays and chill.

My very Edible Goddess sipping a reishi "hot" chocolate

There is one more variable to the situation of how stimulated or balanced you feel with cacao and that is the quality, processing temperature, and sprouting of the cacao. Sprouted cacao (hardly available on the market today, but will be available soon) will likely be the ideal cacao as the spouting may lower the theobromine content and boost the more calming constituents. We will see, and you can bet I am really excited to see, if a sprouted cacao revolution comes about. Of course, if the cacao has been pressed or even secretly roasted despite being labeled “raw,” then that can also mess with the desired more balancing effects of cacao. We hope that truly raw heirloom and wild quality cacao will only grow in the market and that all the sources will get much better at consistently having the best ever cacao beans, powder, butter and paste – all made with integrity and love.

For now, don’t fear cacao. Eat as much cacao and herbs as you can handle so that you can enjoy the best health ever with therapeutic amounts of minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and spirit-boosting effects contained within all of these superfoods and herbs.

If you are reading my blog then you have probably dabbled with certain superfoods, or you might be well on your way to incorporating a whole superfood program to your best-ever fun and healthy lifestyle. We can make a difference in our health by trying all the big superfoods out there (raw cacao, blue green algae, maca, goji berries, marine phytoplankton, etc.), but I want to talk about 4 of them that you might not have realized can change your life, your body, the radiant vital health of your tissues….if the dosage is high enough!

MSM Powder

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is an organic sulfur molecule that is found in plants, in rain, in your body, and just about everywhere but the Standard American Diet. Most people are seriously deficient in sulfur and suffer the constipating impermeability of their cells and tissue as a result of such deficiency. Taking MSM not only plugs sulfur in where it is biologically needed, but greatly opens up your body from the inside-out, detoxing you and allowing more nutrition of what you are already eating to go deeper into you cells. This promotes more vital tissue function, flexibility and growth, including having hair and nails grow in stronger. MSM can reverse allergies and speed up recovery after exercise, but most importantly it simply is key to going to a newer level of health. We go on MSM programs of having a daily half gallon drink of water that contains over 10,000 mg of MSM (1 tablespoon of MSM powder, 1 heaping tablespoon of MSM crystals). When one first does MSM, spread your daily dosage out over the whole day not having more than a couple thousand mg at once, or it might feel detoxingly-weird. Then within a month, full dosages start to feel really good. We use OMICA’s new MSM Crystals.

Shilajit Powder

Shilajit is a resin found in the Himilayas where it oozes out of walls of rock. It is the product of eons of the Earth pressing plant and soil matter, creating an edible coffee-tasting concentrate of minerals and fulvic acids. Considered the best “herb” of Ayurvedic medicine, the fulvic acid content can pull out heavy metals even when one is already taking zeolites. We recomend getting it in powder extract form. You can blend in 2 tsp of it to a sweetened nut mylk for the best “latte” ever! Again, you gotta do this one everyday for days in a row to push the best health ever button and experience the results!

We have already had half of this batch of coconut water kefir in the last 2 days!

Coconut kefir is a drink made from taking coconut water and kefir grains and fermenting them for two days into an effervescent sugar-free probiotic-rich soda. We recommend taking 3 large packs of ONE brand coconut water (word is this product is the best quality and is pasteurized at a raw temperature below 120*F) and mixing the coconut water with a small bag of kefir grains (purchase kefir grains organic and vegan from eBay), let sit in a towel-covered lid-open gallon glass jar in warm area. When done, blend the kefir with some vanilla and stevia to make the best soda ever! This substance makes me smile with my first sip as my ecosystem of good bacteria in my body light up as new friends come aboard. We need a lot of probiotics because we are supposed to have pounds in our gut, and we all come from a toxic background where everything we ate had some antibiotic poisonous bad-bacteria and yeast promoting trait. Taking small probiotic capsules usually aren’t enough, and to take an efficacious amount of capsules is not a good bang for your buck. Doing a daily regimin for weeks at a time with coconut kefir can reverse the sad symptoms of residual vitamin B deficiency and probiotic deficiency, as well as boost digestion to no end! If you have any yeast issues, your solution may center around coconut kefir.

Amla berry extract powder

High Vitamin C BerriesThese berries include Camu, Acerola and Amla. The tissue-healing, immuno-modulating, feel-great qualities of taking these daily in large dosages is perhaps necessary for health. Just having the vitamin C from eating oranges is really only enough to prevent scurvy. We want to have wild amounts to get the results we are looking for. Daily blenderfuls of water, couple teaspoons of camu or amla powder or a couple tablespoons of acerola powder combined with a pinch of salt and stevia will get the job done.

Now if you can somehow get all 4 of these substances in large doses most days for the next 3 months, then your next level of health is imminent and uncapped. Stay tuned: Bethanne and I are creating a tonic elixir recipe ebook soon that will show you how to make high dosage drinks with these superfoods in the tastiest way ever!

I want to hear from you! Please respond to this post if you have any success stories or any healthful results you have experienced from taking any of these 4 magical superfoods. I read all comments. Thank you!

Imagine this. You are a superfoodist far away from home and your bag of goodies runs out, your water jugs break, and the local food scene is NO help. Low in your usual vital energy you try to fast! But then, far away from home, you bog down and eat some starchy non-superfood meal with crappy water, your blood sugar spikes, your skin breaks out, you feel helpless and….

You wake up from the nightmare and decide to become FULLY prepared.

If a superfoodist like yourself is less than excellently prepared with food and drink abundance while traveling in every condition, then peace of mind can only go so far. We are what we eat, so let’s remain the best ever when we are on the go and only get healthier everyday with no stress. The prepared and well-stocked superfoodist at home becomes an elite traveler in this blog post.

There are a few travel factors and every destination will have a particular permutation which will help you decide what to bring.

~By car or by plane?
~Going by yourself or with others?
~Traveling to hardly-raw friendly or mostly raw-friendly scene?
~Spring water nearby or not?
~Refrigeration on location or not?
~Kitchen for you or not?

Last summer, I went to the one week Enlightenned Warrior Training Camp in 100*F Fresno, CA. No person or situation was going to cater to me. All I had was my car. I knew a raw foodist couple who went to the camp the year before who ended up drinking tap water and eating conventional produce and got sick! Conditions would be rough…if I wasn’t fully prepared, which I was 😉 and had the best time of my life!

Thus I brought many gallons of spring water, each bottle wrapped in blankets to avoid breakage in my trunk. I only brought prepared non-perishable foods, as I had no time to prepare, no refrigeration, no camp food to add. How did I have a great balance of savory and sweet superfood lifestyle complete meals and snacks during the intensity of a five-day intensive camp? How did I eat like a king with enough to share?! Stay tuned for detailed instructions in part 2…

I wish to start my first blog entry by saying that this website has been a long time coming. Having eating an organic health-minded diet (one high in superfoods I might add) for 7+ years I have realized that I have leading edge ideas and methods streaming through me a mile a minute, and I want to give you everything I have. My eating and lifestyle recommendations will be only of the most uncompromised, top quality that this growing movement has seen. I see that a lot of methods in the raw food world are missing “the edge” to truly give you the deep core energy, radiant revitalization, impenetrable immune system, and absolute joy that is truly attainable. I will present everything so that you can pick and choose what to easily add in to your life, one step at a time, so that you can have the most exciting and healthiest life ever!

Tip #5
Eat superfoods and wild foods. These were the only foods available several thousand years ago, all other choices today can be called “hybridized,” “demineralized,” or they otherwise lack the virility that turns on our genius DNA so that we can shed our past domesticated sickness and grow into our sexy God/dess brilliance. However, avoid being too restrictive with this. We don’t go 100% wild overnight. Start by eating a couple types of high quality superfoods like heirloom cacao, fun wild food like chickweed or dandelion (probably growing within 10 to 100 feet of you right now), and of course sea vegetables (which are all wild). While adding these magical foods in, keep a balanced diet with plenty of fats (nuts, seeds and olive oil, etc), greens vegetables, sprouts, spring water, low sugar fruits and fruit-vegetables, some sea salt, immune-modulating tonic herbs like reishi, cacao blendies and some bangin’ savory gourmet dense meals. Over time we will all together begin to displace our raw agricultural staples with the wilder equivalents, one balanced step at a time.

Tip #4
Make tonic herbal tea. Now termed “superherbs,” these high mineral immunomodulating herbs which are at par in potency with superfoods should be taken in abundance. Although I definitely also recommend taking as many pre-made powders or capsules of superherbs as you can afford, FIRST go for the tea you make yourself at home. You can easily order online a quick tea blend of chopped reishi mushroom, cat’s claw, pau d’arco, ginseng, goji berries, gynostemma, and vanilla bean. Brew those up with water (preferably spring water) and a pinch of salt in a 1.5 quart or bigger pot, letting simmer for at least 20 minutes. Sweeten with stevia. There are so many other tonic herbs I consume in tea form on a consistent basis like dandelion root, cistanche, red asparagus root, jujube date, astragalus, white atractylodes, cinnamon, schisandra berries, turkey tail mushrooms, cordyceps, etc. The hot water extracts (a.k.a. tea) of the superior herbs deeply nourish the organs and glands. Many of them are full of polysaccharides which go into your body and teach your immune system to be ever more resilient. Dabbling in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Amazonian herbal medicine will reveal a whole world completely compatible with raw foods.

Tip #3
Eat plenty of high quality oily foods. Experiment with what ratio of fat, protein and carbs keep you balanced. Try the oily food chia. You might surprise yourself as to how little sugar you actually need, and how much fat your body is actually craving after a lifetime of eating too much sugar and only toxic fats. This goes with the part of tip #5: avoiding hybridized produce which has been foolishly bred over generations to have higher sugar and lower medicine – the exact opposite of what we actually want.

Tip #2
Realize that water is a living organism and that you are mostly water. Fresh spring water is the only living water, and all high-tech filtration systems cannot bring tap water back to life. However, it would be wise to stay hydrated on plenty of filtered water than to have too little water because you are holding out for the spring water. Go to and find your local spring. Get a carload of spring water in jugs from it twice a month, and feel the difference that fresh living water makes to your state of well-being.

Tip #1
Connect your diet to your lifestyle and nature. Touch moist earth with bare skin and get electrically and spiritually grounded. Get naked in the sun this spring and summer. If you have nosy neighbors, but a private south facing window, open it at noon, take the screen off and get a tan indoors! Garden with heirloom and wild seeds, and make sure you amend your soil with GroPal, rock dust, MycoGrow, bat guano and silt from your nearest clean river or creek. Saturate your mind with educational YouTube videos on herbs, superfoods, wild foods, spring water, and begin to pick out what is great information from what and who is missing the mark. Acknowledge your efforts and have really high self esteem about your choices no matter what!

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