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Hi, I’m Christian Bates, founder of Longevity Power. I’m sharing my 12-year health transformation in hopes that it will give you critical insights about your health journey and inspire you to take decisive action towards your own transformative goals. If it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you.

Age 15 weighing in at 200 pounds, I was one of the shortest and chubbiest kids in my class. At age 16, I was one of the fittest. In 2001 I lost 50 pounds in 6 months biking every weekend and eating fewer of my favorite San Francisco sourdough baguettes!

“…a few small things done well can have fast and big results…”

To put it in a way that makes sense to the hyper-socially-minded teenager, I went from the kid ridiculed for bouncing man boobs on the school bus to the girlfriend-able guy with a driver’s license. I proved to myself that just a few small things done well can have fast and big results on my health.

At age 18, I discovered the idea of eating organic raw foods. I sat down with a friend named Anthony (who was on a 100 day daily Bikram Yoga fruit-only fast) in Whole Foods and he answered all my questions brilliantly, first being ‘Where do you get your protein?” The concept was really appealing to me so I dove in 99.999% raw vegan within a week. With the help of my parents I got a Vita-Mix (still use the same one today!), a dehydrator and a juicer. I made lots of rich and delicious gourmet meals so I never had any cravings for anything else…well…except chocolate (This was about 2 years before raw cacao hit the US market.)

I felt amazing! The 0.001% left of my diet was tiny bites of organic vegan chocolate and toasted carob recipes. This ‘caring about percentages‘ was about to take me to a place of feeling less than 100% amazing.

“…In a weekend, I was quickly brainwashed into believing that herbs and sea salt are poison…”

2006: Getting really into superfood smoothies

2006: Getting really into superfood smoothies

In 2004 I went to RawStock, a Natural Hygiene summer festival in Sebastopol, CA. In a weekend, I was quickly brainwashed into believing that herbs and sea salt are poison, consumption of fats causes candida, and that only sweet fruits and mild vegetables are suitable for all human beings. It made sense since it seemed scientifically validated at the time (nope, dogma) so I tried their 80-10-10 diet : an organic raw diet in which 80% of calories are from sweet fruit carbohydrates leaving 10% each of fat and protein calories from fruits and vegetables.

We’re talking ultra low-fat. Maybe a daily 1/4th of an avocado, a Brazil nut or durian (a sweet and fatty tropical fruit) could be one’s fat source, but anything more than that will quickly throw off the 80-10-10 ratios because fat has about twice as many calories as carbs. I did it full on – highly disciplined – for over 2 months but physically could not get enough carbohydrates and calories to keep my energy up and my weight on. It was extremely frustrating. An 80-10-10 fan would say that I was ‘under-carbed,’ and they would be correct. You have to eat pounds and pounds of fruit throughout the day to get enough carbs/calories.

“…I would gag while my blood sugar got so ridiculously high trying to consume a meal of fruit…”

Spring water and yoga pay off.

2012: Spring water and yoga pay off.

My blood sugar was so hyper/hypo-gycemic that my energy was shot most of any day. My body simply (wisely) could not allow me to eat enough sugar in the form of fruit. I would gag while my blood sugar got so ridiculously high trying to consume a meal of fruit. I, like a majority of all people, am a fast oxidizer: I burn sugars and starches fast, so fast my blood sugar levels spike when eating a high-sugar meal.

You’ll notice my ‘late 2004’ skinny photo. I actually got skinnier than that and dropped to 135 pounds (pretty skelator for a 5’10” 19 year old). After a meditation retreat with my college (The Evergreen State College, WA) in which my energy bottomed out and my intuition stepped up, I drove back to my apartment and ate a big fat-dominant salad. I felt so good, so grounded and so deeply energized that I knew it was the right decision.

I dropped the 80-10-10 philosophy, although I still have many friends who eat 80-10-10 and respect them because their heart is in the right place…even if they are too skinny or malnourished. 🙂 I quickly got my weight back up and soon realized that only slow oxidizers (burn sugar slowly) can feel good on an 80-10-10 diet…until they get sick and need to turn to herbs, sea salt, and fats as medicine. I hope it’s clear that I respectfully speak my truth but avoid living in judgement whenever possible.

“…my mission…is to effectively feed people the best foods and herbs ever to create a big difference in their health…”

2012: With supportive superfriends, drinking Mt. Shasta spring water just 5 feet from where it gushes out of the Earth.

2012: With supportive superfriends, drinking Mt. Shasta spring water just 5 feet from where it gushes out of the Earth.

Since then I have focused on a strategic-to-me organic mostly-raw diet rich in nutrient-dense superfoods, and am living my mission which is to effectively feed people the best foods and herbs ever to create a big difference in their health. I’m growing paradise.

I’ve found that although each individual of humanity has so much more in common with another than not, everyone is metabolically different and each person’s needs change from moment to moment. So I must be open to all kinds of health strategies and stick with the ones that work best for me.

“…I’m not perfect and I’ll be shifting things around gradually over time as my intuition dictates…”

Each person changes over time. So 10 years from now I’m sure I’ll be eating differently and implementing different combinations of health practices, as will every health teacher whom you might be following now. The teachers who openly show how their natural diet is changing tend to be the healthiest.

That said, I’ll share with you what works for me knowing that I’m not perfect and I’ll be shifting things around gradually over time as my intuition dictates:


I make hamburgers...raw vegetarian superfoodized hamburgers.

2010: I make hamburgers…raw vegetarian superfoodized hamburgers.

I get chiropractic twice a week (I’m starting with this because food isn’t everything ya know).

I do hot yoga (Bikram Yoga and Power Yoga) almost 2-7 days a week. I have an old knee injury that’s better than ever but not quite ready for me to run on. I’ll be running in Vibram Fivefingers for an hour at a time – that’s a written goal.


I go to the gym to lift 4-6 days a week! I aim for a balance between strength (lifting heavy often) and body building (high reps often).

I consume my own products in copious amounts: Longevity in a Bottle (60 herb-superfood blend for peak vitality), Maca Bliss (black maca extract), Goji Joy (goji berry extract), Longevity Spirulina (high-vibe, best-tasting spirulina), and more!


I eat gluten-free and as low-glycemic as possible using just stevia as my main sweetener.

I don’t drink alcoholic drinks but do consume lots of herbal tinctures. I will make meads and wines for people who love alcohol, or for my own use in cooking.

drink hand harvested spring water in glass – never treated, never filtered.

2008: Blatant advertising of my product WildBar just for fun with my friend Joe Zapf in Havasupai Falls, AZ.

2008: Blatant advertising of my product WildBar just for fun with my friend Joe Zapf in Havasupai Falls, AZ.

If any food can be found wild or heirloom grown, I choose that instead of a standard cultivar. I never consume GMO’s with 1 exception: If there is an herb that I feel I need but is only available as an extract using a non-organic distilled alcohol fermented from a GMO crop, I will consume it until an organic or non-gmo alcohol extract becomes available.

I consume at least 1 serving of properly fermented food (like sauerkraut) a day – I’m addicted to smoked jalapeno-cabbage-carrot sauerkraut.

I’m really into tonic herbalism. This means I consume certain herbs and superfoods that are safe for daily use and have a cumulative effect on my health when used daily over months and years.

I love cacao but am taking a year long break from it.

2011: Teaching people about medicinal mushrooms on a wild food walk on Mt. Tamalpais, CA.

2011: Teaching people about medicinal mushrooms on a wild food walk on Mt. Tamalpais, CA.

I’ve eaten seemingly weird things: almost every medicinal mushroom, raw egg yolks, ants and ant extracts, deer antler and placenta, and royal jelly (potent queen bee food from the hive). The highest I’ve ever been (feel good health high) was after eating raw chicken kidneys and raw lamb fat.


I love eating a wide variety of cooked animals products. I’m not dogmatically raw or vegan anymore – I’m just joyfully half raw-vegan by default, half gratefully half primal. But that can change, will change, and I don’t like labels anyways. I’m becoming a great cook!

I make a superfood smoothie every other day. I make superfood beauty elixirs once, twice, or thrice a day.

I can’t do dairy except large amounts of organic grass-fed ghee. I do strongly support raw organic dairy freedom!

I used to consume 1-3 quarts of green juice (celery based with lots of dark greens, sweetened with lemon) daily but stopped. As of 2007 anything more than 2 sips of green juice sends me into alkalosis (weird cold spacey feeling) so I simply do herbal elixirs instead to get that high-water-content therapeutic dose of vitality.

2012: I make vortraps out of copper and glass, which concentrate the monoatomic elements out of water to create the best water ever.

2012: I make vortraps out of copper and glass, which concentrate the monoatomic elements out of water to create the best water ever.

I used to fast or juice feast often but haven’t enough in the past 4 years because I’m such an exercise buff. I plan on fasting more to attain new levels of health.

My health is great but if I work too hard with stress and get sleep deprived then there is a latent viral/fungal load that may present itself on my skin. I’m surprised that given all the antimicrobial herbs I do and all the sugar I DON’T do that I haven’t kicked the critters all the way out. Getting this latent infection (which everyone has by the way) completely out of my body is the final frontier of my health. I am excited to make breakthroughs with this and share about it in the coming months and years.


Thank your for reading my personal journey. All comments and questions are appreciated. Feel free to share this with someone who needs the inspiration.




P.S. My girlfriend Bethanne Wanamaker has some kick-ass before & after pictures too!


If you’ve spent some time on Facebook or health forums then you’ve seen a little of this:

The Health Debate Rap Music Video!

Conclusion: Take the best from every tradition and apply it to your life.

Hi, I’m Christian Bates. I took the best from every herbal and ancient nutritional tradition and applied it to my epic new product, Longevity in a Bottle: (It’s another fun video, go check it out!)


P.S. My Cacao Rap

My Superfoods Song

Oh, and the Superfoods Song Remixed with Bethanne Wanamaker on the mic (You know you LOVE these edu-taining videos!)

Thank you to all who supported my Longevity in a Bottle crowdfunding campaign which succesfully closed on Saturday August 11th, 2012. I will be launching our website ASAP:

In the mean time, enjoy my crowdfunding video and funding project description:


When I was 15, I lost 50 excess pounds in 6 months by biking every weekend, eating fewer of my favorite sourdough baguettes, and introducing a handful of key superfoods into my life.

I learned at a young age that a few small actions done well can have profound results for my health and wellness. I wanted everyone to experience this firsthand!

Fast forward to 2006 (age 21). With the help of my friends I created the WildBar (, the first organic, raw, superfood-infused meal replacement bar. Tens of thousands of people like you loved its taste and bliss-enducing potency.

Today (I’m 27) I need your help with my next product launch: Longevity in a Bottle, created by my fresh company Longevity Power Inc.

Longevity in a Bottle is the first synergistic blend of humanity’s greatest 58 organic superfood and herbal extracts that for thousands of years have promoted vitality, immunity, and long-lasting energy.

Many of these herbs built your ancestor’s DNA which led to you!

Nowhere in history have these herbs been combined in one place so that you can take full advantage of the immortal traditions of Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic herbalism, Pacific coastal and island medicinal traditions, European folk herbalism, and North and South American shamanism.

And no time in history has humanity desperately needed access to the health and vigor that our ancestor’s once knew, than now! All ingredients in Longevity in a Bottle are adaptogens which promote vitality and immunity by nourishing the body’s ability to adapt to toxic and stressful environments, something we can all relate to.

We acquire and blend our elite quality ingredients while setting the organic and green standard in the wellness industry. Longevity in a Bottle is a vegan product freshly sealed in completely recyclebable amber glass bottles with metal caps, and contains no fillers or flowing agents, and is comprised only of 58 of the world’s greatest organic, wild, non-GMO and pesticide-free superfoods and herbs including extracts of:


American and Panax Ginseng;

Pine pollen;


Eucommia bark;

Rehmannia root;

Goji berry;



Red sage root;

Jujube fruit;

Amla berry;


Reishi mushroom fruitbody, spores and mycelium;

Wildrafted Chaga mushroom fruitbody and mycelium;

Agaricus blazei fruitbody and mycelium;

Turkey Tail fruitbody and mycelium;

Maitake fruitbody and mycelium;

and 20 other rare medicinal mushrooms;

Mangosteen rind;

Pau d’arco bark;



Maca root juice;

Eleuthero root;




Gynostemma leaf;

He Shou Wu;

Holy Basil;

Red Asparagus root;


Schisandra berry;

Morinda root;

White Atractylodes;

and more!

Longevity in a Bottle in 3 sizes:

Small size bottle: 20 grams; 4 full servings

Medium size bottle: 75 grams; 15 full servings

Large size bottle: 300 grams; 60 full servings


The 2 teaspoon full serving (beginners start with a 1/2 teaspoon and gradually increase over a month) of this rich brown powder stirred into water, shaken into a nut milk, or blended into a smoothie (imparts a coffee-like flavor) once a day is all it takes to accelerate your health results that lead to positive transformation. I know you love to accelerate your health results and the way you feel every single day!

Longevity in a Bottle is the culmination of my ten years work in the organic food world. Listen closely, as I need YOUR help right now to get Longevity in a Bottle manufactured, labeled and sent directly to your body.

Pre-order your Longevity in a Bottle through my RocketHub project site. This is not an investment or charity. It is an exchange: funds from fans for rewards from me. It’s an All & More funding mechanism: if I don’t reach my financial goal I get to keep what I raise. But if I do reah my goal, I get access to RocketHub’s exciting opportunities.

If you help me surpass my goal of raising $56,800 (fingers crossed!), the additional funds will go to launching Longevity in a Bottle’s hot sister product:Immortal Aphrosidiac.


-August: RocketHub campaign ends; ingredients ordered; label designing starts.

-September: Label designing complete, online pre-launch campaign commenced.

-October: Longevity in a Bottle manufactured; rewards shipped to contributors; company launched.

The Bigger Picture: The immediate embrace of this business makes me believe that people are ready to uplevel their health and enjoy a richer life where they have more energy to pursue their passions and more happiness in their heart to live a life of love with their friends and family.

Seeing people of every age light up when they take my products, and transform from rags to riches with regard to their health and quality of life, makes me feel like I am doing my part to make life that much better… and to me, THAT is success!


To your greatest health,

Christian Bates

Founder, Longevity Power Inc.

Happy New Year! Presenting…the Best of in 2011!

To develop superfood products, I have taken a 5 month break from writing and video making for However, I am fully charged to reach out, educate and entertain in 2012. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, please pick from the best of my 2011 posts (includes hilariously informative videos and articles). Go ahead, click on the links below (They will open in new windows or tabs so that you can easily come back to this page):


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Raw Superfood Cream-filled Chocolate Easter Eggs Recipe: I can read your mind, “I want!”


Kelp Chips Recipe, like Kale Chips but BETTER: Kale is great, but Kelp is wild!


Vanilla Malt & Chocolate Butterscotch Swirl Gelato Fudgsicles Recipe (Raw, Ovo Vegan, Low Glycemic): Yeah… your welcome.


UnCoffee Ice Creme Sundae Drizzled in Raw Chocolate Sauce (Rich in Tonic Herbs, Low-glycemic, Mostly Raw): A meal in itself!


Get Your Natural Game On! (HOT CONTROVERSIAL Video): Make this fascinating video go viral now.


My Facebook Community Created My Superfood Smoothie (VIDEO): 1st time it’s ever been done.


Make 2012 your year for extraordinary health,


In my new video “High Fruit? Low Fruit? Or…?,” I share an insight regarding the latest Internet health debates on sweet fruit intake, high sugar/low sugar, raw food, wild food, and indigenous-style eating. I have found that you can have your ultra healthful cake and eat it too…with a little-known clever food preparation.

All ancient and modern cultures have fermented foods. They take sugar-containing foods (some foods that are  edible raw/unfermented and foods that are not truly edible until fermentation) and subject them to a fermentation process (wines, kefirs, yogurts, cheeses, beers, sauerkrauts, sourdough bread, etc.) to create a NEW food. This new food – or ferment – has gone through a biological medium (usually a symbiotic colony of lactobacilli (good bacteria) and yeasts (good fungi) that eats up the sugar and turns it into more probiotic bacteria, amino acids, B vitamins, and a huge amount of co-factor nutrients that do wonders for our health.

This is sprouted oats blended with kefir grains and spring water. This will ferment to create the base of a raw sourdough bread.

A ferment typically takes 36 hours to many months to finish depending on the ferment and thus it can do what our own intestines (which are also rich in good bacteria and yeasts) cannot because our digestive process should be 24 hours or less. For the hardcore raw food simplicity eaters who think that we can skip ferments, this is a big concept to accept.

We must also accept the fact that most agricultural food (from the farm and the garden) has undergone a multi-generational genetic change through selective breeding based on farmer’s preference, which typically makes a food bigger (less nutrient dense), sweeter (too much sugar than we need) and less bitter (not enough medicines, which act to nourish our body’s immune system, endocrine system, nervous system, etc.). On the flip side, we must also accept that a lot of wild

Master Cleanse Kefir from the book "Superfood Beauty Elixirs." ( Unlike the typical master cleanse lemonade which is loaded with maple sugar, this ultra-low-glycemic version is rich in coconut kefir's probiotics, B vitamins, amino acids and many co-factor nutrients.

food is often very small, not pleasantly sweet, and too high in bitters (too many alkloids can be toxic to consume strait).

Interestingly, fermentation can be a solution to rendering BOTH the agricultural foods and the highly medicinal wild foods into a more ideal food for us humans to consume: a ferment.

For example, agricultural fruits have too much sugar for most people to handle without spiking blood sugar. However, if we ferment fruits in a controlled manner we end up with a low-sugar beverage that is even more nutritious than the fruit itself. We also can take highly medicinal food and let a ferment break down some of the harsh alkaloids. Wild cruciferous (and to some extent domesticated cruciferous too like the common cabbages) have goitrogens (thyroid function suppressors), but upon fermenting them into a sauerkraut the goitrogens are broken down. The phytates (anti-nutrients that block our absorption of certain nutrients) in seeds can be broken down through sprouting (which is similar to fermentation in that you are activating an enzymatic process via soaking seeds in water) and fermenting when making seed mylk kefirs/yogurts.

Most fermented products available at your local health food store are NOT organic and are often adulterated with extra cane sugar and preservatives. Or in the case of many store-bought kombuchas,

the kombucha ferment is just not DONE yet, and thus a lot of sugar still remains to be eaten and turned into other nutrients. Organic unpasteurized sauerkrauts are easy to find, but all the other ferments are few and far between: raw kefirs, organic pure meads and ciders, organic pure vinegars (other than apple cider vinegar)…these varieties of ferments are not conveniently available for us high-quality seekers yet. Thus I hope my article and video inspire you to start making your own from scratch so that you can have a variety of ferments to add into your regimen. Do some research online and start making your own kefirs and other ferments in your own kitchen.

To learn how to make the most outrageous coconut water kefirs ever (along with many other top-notch superfood liquid recipes!) please ORDER my Superfood Beauty Elixirs book today!

Happy New Year!

Kick-starting this year with excitement I present the trailer to my upcoming music video “The Cacao Rap:”

Think of this video as the pinnacle of “Edu-tainment,” the perfect way to both learn and have fun. The actual music video is to be launched within the next 1 to 2 weeks.

By the way, if you are as much of a cacao fan as me, be sure to get my eBook on how to make the best cacao drinks and other divine unique elixirs here:

(The written down Cacao Shake Recipe which I demonstrated in this video is at the bottom of this article.)

I recently gave a talk called “Discover Superfoods: Raw Cacao” at Whole Foods Market, Santa Rosa, CA, where I unleashed the cutting edge insights and “How To’s” in regard to an optimal Superfood-rich lifestyle.

In this 5-part video recording of my talk, you will learn how to make superior food choices amidst: the latest deceptions in agriculture, the new paradigm of food genetics and minerals, and the latest innovations in the foodie market.


Superfood Cacao Shake: the “extra-low-glycemic” energy and clarity drink made easy!

4-5 cups nut mylk (Blend a couple handfuls mixture of organic walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts and hemp seeds with a quart of spring water, then strain through nut mylk bags into bowl)

1 1/2 tablespoons birch xylitol (or other wholesome sweetener of choice)

1 tablespoon raw cacao powder

1 teaspoon cold pressed organic olive oil

3/4 teaspoon vanilla bean powder

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

Few pinches NOW brand Organic Stevia Extract Powder, to taste

Blend on high in a high-speed blender for 30 seconds, then add:

1/2 teaspoon AFA wild blue green algae

A few handfuls of spring water ice cubes

Blend for 10 seconds and serve in glass!

P.S. Desire to have a variety of top-notch elixirs and smoothies like this everyday!? How about 35 elixir recipes using only the highest quality ingredients ever! Go to and enrapture yourself in all Superfood that is holy. Make the purchase of my eBook, Superfood Beauty Elixirs, and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving! ON SALE NOW 25% off through December 25th: Perfect last minute holiday gift!

It’s *Unleashed* – the “How to Make Superfoods Work for You” presentation, with my Bethanne, at Cafe Gratitude – thanks to the wonderful Shea Lynn Baird and Stephen Barlow.

Note: This full video will only be available free until midnight Wednesday October 27th 2010! It will then revert back to a free 10 minute preview. If you would like to enjoy the All Access Pass so that you can continue to review this video and other Monday Night Live! @ Cafe Gratitude educational presentations and videos, CLICK HERE.

In our 90 minute presentation we demonstrated how to make 2 of our favorite Superfood Beauty Elixirs:

Ginger Orange Soda Pop

Ginger Orange Soda Pop

This drink glistens with its enticing ginger-orange flavor, and calls to you with its friendly bacteria content!

2 cups coconut water kefir

1 cup spring water ice cubes

1/2 teaspoon NOW brand organic stevia extract powder

1/8 teaspoon sea salt

1/8 teaspoon fresh ginger

5 drops organic orange extract liquid

OPTIONAL: 2 teaspoons fresh Aloe Vera inner gel

Blend on high in a high-speed blender for 15 seconds and strain through a nut mylk bag to remove the ginger bits, into a medium-sized bowl. Transfer from the bowl into glassware of choice. May your day sparkle with magnificent health!

Cherry Bright

This is the ultra refreshing, Superhero version of the lemon-lime-cherry flavored soda you might remember as a kid. Fully loaded with vitamin C and MSM; extra light and crisp.

5 cups spring water

1 1/2 cups spring water ice cubes

1 tablespoon acerola cherry powder

1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice

1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice

2 teaspoon MSM powder

1 teaspoon NOW brand organic stevia extract powder

1/4 teaspoon sea salt 3 drops organic orange extract liquid

OPTIONAL: 1/4 teaspoon goji berry extract powder

Blend in a high-speed blender on high, let foam dissolve for 3 minutes, then serve in glass. Quench your thirst for liquid nutrition that makes your soul smile!

If you like what you saw in the video and you would like 35 phenomenal elixir recipes like the two above (each unique recipe has its own array of top quality potent and therapeutic superfoods) then my eBook Superfood Beauty Elixirs is for you.  Purchase it by clicking here!

I am completely enthralled to announce the *official launch* of the Superfood Beauty Elixirs eBook! Bethanne Wanamaker and I have been poured 6+ months of love into this creation and we are ecstatic to announce that it is ready for the world!

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We were blessed to have David Avocado Wolfe write the foreword and you’ll find his amazing introduction to our eBook will strongly encourage you to immerse yourself in the world of liquid nutrition.

CICK HERE TO SEE OUR FULL-COLOR COVER with shots of 6 of our favorite elixirs: Kids Orange Elixir, Shilajit Coffeechino, Ginger Orange Soda Pop, Master Cleanse Kefir, Dark Vanilla Cherry Elixir, Chocolate Tonic Blendie, and Pink Limeade!

~ ~

Superfood Beauty Elixirs, 90 pages
Mouth-watering liquid nutrition for immunity, weight loss and longevity in 5 minutes flat!


Table of Contents

Foreword By David “Avocado” Wolfe
Introduction: Q & A With the Authors


The Importance of Your Water Source
Ingredient Glossary and Sources
Appliances and Tools

The Coconut Water Kefir ‘How To’
The Super Tonic Herbal Tea ‘How To’
The Tonic Herbed Nut n’ Seed Mylk ‘How To’

Ginger-Orange Soda Pop
Master Cleanse Kefir
Orange Marine Phytoplankton Kefir Slushy Soda
Spicy Ginger Ale
Vanilla Crème Cider

Aloe Noni Healer
Blue Manna Icy
Blue Manna on the Fly
Cherry Bright
Citrus Sea Cooler
Green Supreme
Immortality Cooler
Kids Orange Elixir
Liquid Butterscotch Candy
Morning Beauty
Orange Snow Breeze
Pink Limeade
Tropical Quench

Ancient Wisdom
Dark Vanilla Cherry Elixir
Lustrous Beauty
Magic Forest
Shilajit Coffeechino

Celery Garden Paradise
Cucumber Carotenoid Creation
Wild Grass Dream

Cacao Party Elixir Bowl
Chocolate Tonic Blendie
Nostalgic Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Tonic Ice Cream Dream
Autumn Earth Tonic Soup
Tonic Sourdough Onion Bread

Daily Menu Ideas: Sample Day 1
Daily Menu Ideas: Sample Day 2

About the Authors

~ ~

From the foreword by David “Avocado” Wolfe:

“Anytime I imbibe an elixir created by Christian and Bethanne, I know I am experiencing The Best Day Ever! Christian and Bethanne are relentless students of the best health ever and are themselves health educators. Their knowledge of superfoods, and superherbs and how to mix them into delicious beverages is extraordinary. Yet even more extraordinary is that they somehow got these delicious, healing recipes onto the pages in this book in a way that makes it easy for you to understand and apply their knowledge. Over time, their knowledge will become your knowledge leading you to an awesome level of health and expanded awareness…

Superfood Beauty Elixirs will do everything the title promises. You will learn all about superfoods and superherbs and how to liquify them. This book contains an underlying theme of liquid nutrition. Turning a healthy portion of your nutrition into a liquid saves you time, money, and most importantly, energy — liquids are easier to digest than solids. How do you get the best nutrients ever into your body in the fastest and easiest way possible? Liquify them! Superfood Beauty Elixirs shows you how you can use your blender and teapot to reach heaven.”

~ ~

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~ ~

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Enjoy our first video (a funny yet educational video I know you can relate to) that we (Bethanne and I) just made for our new YouTube channel: the Irresistible Health Show!

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