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Longevity Power Ice Cream

Watch Christian Bates make the most nutrient-dense casein-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, guilt-free ice cream on the planet!

Comment question: What flavor of superfood ice cream do you wish me to make next? What health ‘effects’ would you want this ice cream to impart?


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I have been drinking Red Rock Beach Spring (Stinson Beach, CA) water for 4 years. Many locals have had it as their staple water for 9 years or more. And some have been drinking it for longer than I’ve been alive. To think, I have driven by this spring thousands of times when I was younger (I grew up 15 minutes from it) and just recently do I get to enjoy this fresh, free, local fountain of Earth’s most prized element: mountain spring water.


Red Rock Beach Spring

I’ve trusted this spring (which those in the SF Bay Area call for short either ‘Red Rock‘ or ‘The Spring‘) to be sound spring water with all it’s specs to be ideal for daily hydration but after rumors of a possible arsenic, pesticide and bacterial content, I decided to finally have it lab tested!

Below you’ll find the full 6-page lab report as well as a video with me explaining the results.

Before I go on, let me announce that our beloved Red Rock tested quite well! I am extremely satisfied that no heavy metals, arsenic, coliform bacteria, pesticides or volatile organic compounds were detected.

I also need to mention right away that this is an informational test report. At the lab I used, informational tests are performed by the same analysts, using the same laboratory equipment that is used to meet the standards required for compliance testing, however the test report that follows is considered an informational test report. A compliance test can meet local, state or federal regulations, or when results are to be used in a court of law, but an informational test is 1 notch less official. My disclaimer: I choose to be a leader in the field of hydration and I advocate the consumption of exclusively pure wild spring water when at all possible for superior health benefits, yet each individual must learn to carefully and cleanly fill their own spring water vessels and drink at their own discretion.

The Full Lab Analysis Kit from Silver Lake Research tests for 103 contaminants including (1) Bacteria (presence/absence for coliform and E.coli), (19) Heavy metals and minerals, (11) Other inorganic chemicals and physical factors, (5) Organic chemicals – Trihalomethanes, (47) Volatile organic chemicals, and (20) Pesticides, Herbicides and PCBs.

CLICK HERE  to view the full 6-page Red Rock Beach Spring Informational Water Quality Report:

Now for the video! I explain many of the notable detected elements in Red Rock spring water including pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), sodium, silica, magnesium, calcium, sulfate and nitrate.

Watch on YouTube HERE.

This report cost in total $286, which is not cheap, but is about 1/10th of what a full compliance test might cost. The following groups funded the report:

~My meetup group, The Bay Area Spring Water, Wild Food, and Vitality Meetup Group. If you live anywhere even remotely close to the SF Bay area, join our group. We’ll have many spring water adventures scheduled this year.

~My company, Longevity PowerHerbal tonics for the Super Health-Conscious.

~Close friends of mine and true stewards of Red Rock spring, whom I hope you bump into next time you fill up at the spring.

If your local spring(s) is not already tested regularly, I highly encourage you to purchase the Full Lab Analysis Kit from Silver Lake Research or something like it. Hopefully the results will fair well and you will be able to share the results and empower and build confidence in the spring water loving community (which is making a comeback after decades of tap and bottled water domination.) You can use a crowdfunding site to raise funds if you wish – all it would take are a few locals to chip in $50 or so for a lifetime of free water – a no-brainer when compared with the expense of purchasing bottled water near daily.

Sign up to my email list and join The Bay Area Spring Water, Wild Food, and Vitality Meetup Group. Take a look at my signature superfood and herbal extract products at Longevity Power.

Check out FindASpring to find or post a spring in your area (anywhere in the world!) CLICK HERE for the Red Rock Beach Spring listing (it’s an old listing and needs to be updated.)

Be sure to share this web page to help spread the message of:

~Choosing to drink the best water ever for peak health of body, mind and spirit

~Building a community that keeps accessible and stewards our local precious springs

Got a question? Post it below. Excited? Post a comment below. I’ll be here to respond to each one.

My best,


Pine Pollen Video Thumbnail

In this video, you’ll learn how to:

-Harvest pollen-producing pine catkins (male flowers)
-Dry the catkins
-Sift the pine pollen away from the catkin fibers
-Store your pine pollen
-Best way to consumer pine pollen when you run out






































My best,


P.S. At the end of my video you’ll notice how I describe that each serving of my signature product Longevity in a Bottle contains a generous dose of pine pollen extract. Get yourself a bottle today!

I’m back in action! Christian Bates here, ready to produce you more entertaining, educational videos, blogs, recipes, and strategies for living life to your fullest in 2013!

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Best of 2012 Lean Back Playlist

My Best of 2012 Lean Back Playlist. 7 videos, 32 epic minutes of me: Relax, get entertained, get educated.

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I have been nominated for Best of Raw 2012!

Please vote for me (by February 10th 2013) HERE in each of the following 7 categories:

Longevity Spirulina 454g Bottle Pic 01Christian Bates (me) in PEOPLE: Raw Educator 5+
Christian Bates (me) in PEOPLE: Male Athlete
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Christian Bates (me) in PEOPLE: Sexiest Raw Man
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Longevity Spirulina (my product) in PRODUCTS Green Protein Powder

Longevity Power Inc. (my company) in ECO-RAW: Company

What I Did in 2012:

– I made 7 videos including the Epic Health Rap Battle of History!

ymp_60_web I taught many Raw Chocolate Dessert classes

– I started the Bay Area’s 1st mobile superfood tonic bar.

– I founded the Bay Area Spring Water, Wild Food and Vitality Meetup Group and lead Wild Food Spring Water Hikes

– I formulated and launched Ancient Sun Nutrition’s Yoga Manna – blend of 8 of the world’s most powerful algaes.

615859_254723881317808_1733267998_o– And my biggest accomplishment of 2012 is the launch of my company Longevity Power and its 4 signature products. Longevity Power is the culmination of my last 10 years teaching and living the best nutrition ever.

Thank you to my girlfriend Bethanne Wanamaker and my fans for rooting me on everyday! I could not have done any of these without you!

Enjoy the videos and THANK YOU for voting!


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There are dozens of herbs that promote physical fitness and endurance, weight loss, joint health, and muscle repair. Here are the 5 most effective for most people (and my favorite):

Ranking in at #4: Gynostemma Leaf


Find out how to get those 5 top physical fitness herbs synergized together HERE:

Bethanne (behind the camera):

To your loooooong lasting physical fitness!


Polysaccarides, Sapponins, Polyphenals, and more nutrients from herbs than you can ever get from regular food. No offense, regular food. 🙂

Check out what those top few dozen tonic herbs are HERE.

Bethanne’s (behind the camera) blog.


Take a tour with me of my organic, biodiversified, richly amended, highly mineralized home garden:

In the lower left, there are spade-like green leaves. That’s burdock. See how BIG they got in the the video.


You can do this too!Create your own garden with whatever you have….on your porch or in a bigger space..start now!” -Christian


The video’s intro and outro music from my last post: The Health Debate Rap Music Video!


Only a few days left to make your mark on Longevity in a Bottle.



If you’ve spent some time on Facebook or health forums then you’ve seen a little of this:

The Health Debate Rap Music Video!

Conclusion: Take the best from every tradition and apply it to your life.

Hi, I’m Christian Bates. I took the best from every herbal and ancient nutritional tradition and applied it to my epic new product, Longevity in a Bottle: (It’s another fun video, go check it out!)


P.S. My Cacao Rap

My Superfoods Song

Oh, and the Superfoods Song Remixed with Bethanne Wanamaker on the mic (You know you LOVE these edu-taining videos!)

The San Francisco Bay Area needs more accessible drinking springs for the purpose of supreme hydration, vitality, ecology and reconnecting wild soul:

Out of the several neglected roadside springs, the Lagunitas spring seems to be the perfect fit for the first spring we restore. It will become the best and closest drinking spring for the San Francisco Bay Area.

GPS Coordinates:

Filling up at another spring, Fern Creek Fork Spring, on the other side of the mountain. That spring is perfectly sanitary and drinkable BUT not car accessible (about a 30 minute hike).

Lat: 38° 0’44.81″N
Long: 122°42’53.73″W

The spring is located on the west side (uphill side) of Sir Francis Drake Blvd in Samuel P. Taylor State Park, 6 miles west of the Fairfax Community Church (Fairfax, CA).

Here’s a video I did in Janurary 2011 about other neglected springs in the Bay Area:


We can do it!


P.S. I mentioned in the video that I created  Longevity in a Bottle. Learn what that is and get yourself some HERE:

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