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In this video, you’ll learn how to:

-Harvest pollen-producing pine catkins (male flowers)
-Dry the catkins
-Sift the pine pollen away from the catkin fibers
-Store your pine pollen
-Best way to consumer pine pollen when you run out






































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P.S. At the end of my video you’ll notice how I describe that each serving of my signature product Longevity in a Bottle contains a generous dose of pine pollen extract. Get yourself a bottle today!

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Get down with friends and doggies with nori sheets strapped to your head! Cuz that’s how we role after the healthiest dinner ever!


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Best of 2012 Lean Back Playlist

My Best of 2012 Lean Back Playlist. 7 videos, 32 epic minutes of me: Relax, get entertained, get educated.

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I have been nominated for Best of Raw 2012!

Please vote for me (by February 10th 2013) HERE in each of the following 7 categories:

Longevity Spirulina 454g Bottle Pic 01Christian Bates (me) in PEOPLE: Raw Educator 5+
Christian Bates (me) in PEOPLE: Male Athlete
Christian Bates (me) in PEOPLE: Raw Friendly Musical Act
Christian Bates (me) in PEOPLE: Sexiest Raw Man
Christian Bates (me) in PEOPLE: Funniest Raw Man

Longevity Spirulina (my product) in PRODUCTS Green Protein Powder

Longevity Power Inc. (my company) in ECO-RAW: Company

What I Did in 2012:

– I made 7 videos including the Epic Health Rap Battle of History!

ymp_60_web I taught many Raw Chocolate Dessert classes

– I started the Bay Area’s 1st mobile superfood tonic bar.

– I founded the Bay Area Spring Water, Wild Food and Vitality Meetup Group and lead Wild Food Spring Water Hikes

– I formulated and launched Ancient Sun Nutrition’s Yoga Manna – blend of 8 of the world’s most powerful algaes.

615859_254723881317808_1733267998_o– And my biggest accomplishment of 2012 is the launch of my company Longevity Power and its 4 signature products. Longevity Power is the culmination of my last 10 years teaching and living the best nutrition ever.

Thank you to my girlfriend Bethanne Wanamaker and my fans for rooting me on everyday! I could not have done any of these without you!

Enjoy the videos and THANK YOU for voting!


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Your ancestors passed down health traditions that allowed them to successfully reproduce and create you. I was born in 1985, so I don’t actually know what your ancestors did hundreds of generations back. But I can use deductive reasoning to unveil the top 7 weird categories of food your ancestors ate (and current traditional indigenous peoples eat) that can dramatically improve your health: These are eating habits done before the agricultural revolution (which allowed us to eat and behave very differently from before) more than 10,000 years ago…

The rest of my blog post is on the Longevity Power blog:

Hi, I’m Christian Bates, founder of Longevity Power. I’m sharing my 12-year health transformation in hopes that it will give you critical insights about your health journey and inspire you to take decisive action towards your own transformative goals. If it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you.

Age 15 weighing in at 200 pounds, I was one of the shortest and chubbiest kids in my class. At age 16, I was one of the fittest. In 2001 I lost 50 pounds in 6 months biking every weekend and eating fewer of my favorite San Francisco sourdough baguettes!

“…a few small things done well can have fast and big results…”

To put it in a way that makes sense to the hyper-socially-minded teenager, I went from the kid ridiculed for bouncing man boobs on the school bus to the girlfriend-able guy with a driver’s license. I proved to myself that just a few small things done well can have fast and big results on my health.

At age 18, I discovered the idea of eating organic raw foods. I sat down with a friend named Anthony (who was on a 100 day daily Bikram Yoga fruit-only fast) in Whole Foods and he answered all my questions brilliantly, first being ‘Where do you get your protein?” The concept was really appealing to me so I dove in 99.999% raw vegan within a week. With the help of my parents I got a Vita-Mix (still use the same one today!), a dehydrator and a juicer. I made lots of rich and delicious gourmet meals so I never had any cravings for anything else…well…except chocolate (This was about 2 years before raw cacao hit the US market.)

I felt amazing! The 0.001% left of my diet was tiny bites of organic vegan chocolate and toasted carob recipes. This ‘caring about percentages‘ was about to take me to a place of feeling less than 100% amazing.

“…In a weekend, I was quickly brainwashed into believing that herbs and sea salt are poison…”

2006: Getting really into superfood smoothies

2006: Getting really into superfood smoothies

In 2004 I went to RawStock, a Natural Hygiene summer festival in Sebastopol, CA. In a weekend, I was quickly brainwashed into believing that herbs and sea salt are poison, consumption of fats causes candida, and that only sweet fruits and mild vegetables are suitable for all human beings. It made sense since it seemed scientifically validated at the time (nope, dogma) so I tried their 80-10-10 diet : an organic raw diet in which 80% of calories are from sweet fruit carbohydrates leaving 10% each of fat and protein calories from fruits and vegetables.

We’re talking ultra low-fat. Maybe a daily 1/4th of an avocado, a Brazil nut or durian (a sweet and fatty tropical fruit) could be one’s fat source, but anything more than that will quickly throw off the 80-10-10 ratios because fat has about twice as many calories as carbs. I did it full on – highly disciplined – for over 2 months but physically could not get enough carbohydrates and calories to keep my energy up and my weight on. It was extremely frustrating. An 80-10-10 fan would say that I was ‘under-carbed,’ and they would be correct. You have to eat pounds and pounds of fruit throughout the day to get enough carbs/calories.

“…I would gag while my blood sugar got so ridiculously high trying to consume a meal of fruit…”

Spring water and yoga pay off.

2012: Spring water and yoga pay off.

My blood sugar was so hyper/hypo-gycemic that my energy was shot most of any day. My body simply (wisely) could not allow me to eat enough sugar in the form of fruit. I would gag while my blood sugar got so ridiculously high trying to consume a meal of fruit. I, like a majority of all people, am a fast oxidizer: I burn sugars and starches fast, so fast my blood sugar levels spike when eating a high-sugar meal.

You’ll notice my ‘late 2004’ skinny photo. I actually got skinnier than that and dropped to 135 pounds (pretty skelator for a 5’10” 19 year old). After a meditation retreat with my college (The Evergreen State College, WA) in which my energy bottomed out and my intuition stepped up, I drove back to my apartment and ate a big fat-dominant salad. I felt so good, so grounded and so deeply energized that I knew it was the right decision.

I dropped the 80-10-10 philosophy, although I still have many friends who eat 80-10-10 and respect them because their heart is in the right place…even if they are too skinny or malnourished. 🙂 I quickly got my weight back up and soon realized that only slow oxidizers (burn sugar slowly) can feel good on an 80-10-10 diet…until they get sick and need to turn to herbs, sea salt, and fats as medicine. I hope it’s clear that I respectfully speak my truth but avoid living in judgement whenever possible.

“…my mission…is to effectively feed people the best foods and herbs ever to create a big difference in their health…”

2012: With supportive superfriends, drinking Mt. Shasta spring water just 5 feet from where it gushes out of the Earth.

2012: With supportive superfriends, drinking Mt. Shasta spring water just 5 feet from where it gushes out of the Earth.

Since then I have focused on a strategic-to-me organic mostly-raw diet rich in nutrient-dense superfoods, and am living my mission which is to effectively feed people the best foods and herbs ever to create a big difference in their health. I’m growing paradise.

I’ve found that although each individual of humanity has so much more in common with another than not, everyone is metabolically different and each person’s needs change from moment to moment. So I must be open to all kinds of health strategies and stick with the ones that work best for me.

“…I’m not perfect and I’ll be shifting things around gradually over time as my intuition dictates…”

Each person changes over time. So 10 years from now I’m sure I’ll be eating differently and implementing different combinations of health practices, as will every health teacher whom you might be following now. The teachers who openly show how their natural diet is changing tend to be the healthiest.

That said, I’ll share with you what works for me knowing that I’m not perfect and I’ll be shifting things around gradually over time as my intuition dictates:


I make hamburgers...raw vegetarian superfoodized hamburgers.

2010: I make hamburgers…raw vegetarian superfoodized hamburgers.

I get chiropractic twice a week (I’m starting with this because food isn’t everything ya know).

I do hot yoga (Bikram Yoga and Power Yoga) almost 2-7 days a week. I have an old knee injury that’s better than ever but not quite ready for me to run on. I’ll be running in Vibram Fivefingers for an hour at a time – that’s a written goal.


I go to the gym to lift 4-6 days a week! I aim for a balance between strength (lifting heavy often) and body building (high reps often).

I consume my own products in copious amounts: Longevity in a Bottle (60 herb-superfood blend for peak vitality), Maca Bliss (black maca extract), Goji Joy (goji berry extract), Longevity Spirulina (high-vibe, best-tasting spirulina), and more!


I eat gluten-free and as low-glycemic as possible using just stevia as my main sweetener.

I don’t drink alcoholic drinks but do consume lots of herbal tinctures. I will make meads and wines for people who love alcohol, or for my own use in cooking.

drink hand harvested spring water in glass – never treated, never filtered.

2008: Blatant advertising of my product WildBar just for fun with my friend Joe Zapf in Havasupai Falls, AZ.

2008: Blatant advertising of my product WildBar just for fun with my friend Joe Zapf in Havasupai Falls, AZ.

If any food can be found wild or heirloom grown, I choose that instead of a standard cultivar. I never consume GMO’s with 1 exception: If there is an herb that I feel I need but is only available as an extract using a non-organic distilled alcohol fermented from a GMO crop, I will consume it until an organic or non-gmo alcohol extract becomes available.

I consume at least 1 serving of properly fermented food (like sauerkraut) a day – I’m addicted to smoked jalapeno-cabbage-carrot sauerkraut.

I’m really into tonic herbalism. This means I consume certain herbs and superfoods that are safe for daily use and have a cumulative effect on my health when used daily over months and years.

I love cacao but am taking a year long break from it.

2011: Teaching people about medicinal mushrooms on a wild food walk on Mt. Tamalpais, CA.

2011: Teaching people about medicinal mushrooms on a wild food walk on Mt. Tamalpais, CA.

I’ve eaten seemingly weird things: almost every medicinal mushroom, raw egg yolks, ants and ant extracts, deer antler and placenta, and royal jelly (potent queen bee food from the hive). The highest I’ve ever been (feel good health high) was after eating raw chicken kidneys and raw lamb fat.


I love eating a wide variety of cooked animals products. I’m not dogmatically raw or vegan anymore – I’m just joyfully half raw-vegan by default, half gratefully half primal. But that can change, will change, and I don’t like labels anyways. I’m becoming a great cook!

I make a superfood smoothie every other day. I make superfood beauty elixirs once, twice, or thrice a day.

I can’t do dairy except large amounts of organic grass-fed ghee. I do strongly support raw organic dairy freedom!

I used to consume 1-3 quarts of green juice (celery based with lots of dark greens, sweetened with lemon) daily but stopped. As of 2007 anything more than 2 sips of green juice sends me into alkalosis (weird cold spacey feeling) so I simply do herbal elixirs instead to get that high-water-content therapeutic dose of vitality.

2012: I make vortraps out of copper and glass, which concentrate the monoatomic elements out of water to create the best water ever.

2012: I make vortraps out of copper and glass, which concentrate the monoatomic elements out of water to create the best water ever.

I used to fast or juice feast often but haven’t enough in the past 4 years because I’m such an exercise buff. I plan on fasting more to attain new levels of health.

My health is great but if I work too hard with stress and get sleep deprived then there is a latent viral/fungal load that may present itself on my skin. I’m surprised that given all the antimicrobial herbs I do and all the sugar I DON’T do that I haven’t kicked the critters all the way out. Getting this latent infection (which everyone has by the way) completely out of my body is the final frontier of my health. I am excited to make breakthroughs with this and share about it in the coming months and years.


Thank your for reading my personal journey. All comments and questions are appreciated. Feel free to share this with someone who needs the inspiration.




P.S. My girlfriend Bethanne Wanamaker has some kick-ass before & after pictures too!


I like all my food gourmet, hit-the-spot, full-balanced-flavor, decadent, but also reeeeaaallly nutritious. Look at those 5 definitions again: gourmethit-the-spotfull-balanced-flavordecadent… & really nutritious. The last one – really nutritious – is most important, but let me continue before I blow your mind…

Today, we will keep those 5 definitions and add a helpful dose of bitter, but what you end up with is more nutritious. I could be talking about any food sweet or savory, but I’m talking about chocolate…raw chocolate. Bitter sweet creamy raw chocolate. You like, yes?

The recipe below is how you take the love-inducing, blissful experience of raw cacao (unadulterated chocolate) and crank up the bliss into a ‘gateway’ super-joy experience which will educate you or another chocolate partaker into what nutrition is supposed to be about: an uplifting, perception-changing, empowering ride that just might send you to a new level of health. If you like what I just said, then this chocolate is for you.

Medicinal ‘I’ll Make You Fall in Love with Bitter’ Raw Chocolate

Melt raw cacao butter ahead of time to about 100*F. Blend in a blender:

1/2 cup melted raw cacao butter

1/2 cup raw cacao powder

1/2 cup raw hemp seeds

2 tablespoons Longevity in a Bottle – My siganture product with 60 of the world’s greatest superfoods and herbs all extracted into one dosage for maximum vitality, immunity enhancement and resilience to stress.

2 tablespoons lucuma powder

1 tablespoon organic sunflower seed lecithin oil OR 1 tablespoon more raw cacao butter

1/2 – 1 teaspoon ground vanilla bean

1/8 teaspoon sea salt

1/8 teaspoon KAL stevia extract (use less if you are other than partial to stevia)

Pour into molds or ice cube trays and pop in the freezer for 30 minutes. If you used the sunflower seed lecithin oil, the chocolate will be somewhat soft at room temperature so store in the freezer or refrigerator. Serve everyone!

Conclusion: Is eating simply about flavor and getting calories? For most people it is, oddly. Most people, I regret to state, eat a low medicine diet. So food is mostly flavor and calories for them. When we add the medicinal compounds back into our meals through tonic herbs, superfoods, rich aromatic heirloom foods, and wild foods, then suddenly we have an eating experience which has a completely active effect on our nervous system. Our body lights up with antioxidants, our immune system finally gets its receptor sights impregnated, our cellular structure fills out with the proper saturation of minerals, and just maybe the body-mind-consciousness connection gets nourished too.

So, do you need to eat chocolate all the time to experience this? No, but combining the great superfoods and herbs with chocolate is the best ‘gateway’ experience for someone to fully feel what a medicinal food lifestyle is all about. In my experience, some people just won’t feel anything until they have enough chocolate (Hehe). It’s my deep desire to help you experience this food-medicine-connection as a way of activating your life’s potential so that you can thrive, live with passion, and do what you were meant to do here. To you!

P.S. Be on the lookout for a 2 day in-person raw chocolate making/training workshop in the SF Bay Area this spring 2013.

Disclaimer: Medicinal implies ‘food as medicine and medicine as food.’ It does not imply medical. Individuals takings medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using my products, my recipes or any nutritional product. Thank you for understanding.

My Energy-Chi (or Energy-Qi) Tonic is something you’ve never experienced before. The instant yet deeply restorative long-burning energy you get from this lightly creamy elixir is so epic, I had to make it the first drink I demonstrated at a recent potluck/longevity lecture I did in Mill Valley, CA.

If They Mated: Rich Superfood Smoothie + Ice Watery Herbal Elixir. Audience, can you guess what their offspring would look like? It’s my handsome Energy-Qi Tonic.

The key ingredient is my new Longevity Power product Maca Bliss, a powdered 10:1 extract of Black Maca. It’s sweet and creamy without the starch and sugar found in whole maca, plus it’s black maca which according to the research is more powerful than red, yellow and mixed color maca. As an extract it becomes a true herbal tonic, as well as a highly concentrated superfood. Serious anti-stress food for your endocrine system (hormones) and quite warming for the winter. Read more about what makes this product so exceptional HERE.

Energy-Chi Tonic

Party Size. Makes about 6 cups. To make a personal size, half every ingredient.

Blend in blender:

5 ½ cups spring water

2 cups ice cubes

1 – 2 tablespoons Longevity Power’s Maca Bliss

1 tablespoon soaked raw organic almonds (or unsoaked)

½ teaspoon sea salt

1/8 teaspoon KAL stevia extract powder

OPTIONAL: Add a couple pinches of holiday spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Strain through 2 nut mylk bags (1 inside the other) into a large bowl. Serve everyone!

Stay fueled,


Take your health up a big notch daily with this quick and easy to make yet divinely tasting beverage! With only 5 ingredients (64 ingredients if you count every phenomenal superfood and herbal extract in Longevity in a Bottle) your compliance level will surely be high. Combining compliance with the best nutrition ever = you taking the right action to get results.

Easy Longevity Elixir Recipe

Put in any blender:

3 cups spring water

handful ice

2 teaspoons Longevity in a Bottle (or use Maca Bliss or Goji Joy)

1/8 teaspoon sea salt

stevia extract to taste

~I like KAL stevia extract powder the best. For people who don’t like stevia much I’ll use 1/16 teaspoon. For people who love stevia I’ll use 1/8 teaspoon. Most of the time I’ll use about 3/32 teaspoon.~

Blend. Let the foam dissolve for about 2 minutes. Serve in glass and enjoy your health journey!

-Christian Bates

The autumn rains here are kickin’ in the growth of humanity’s favorite vegetable: the cabbage. It’s time to take this staple and ferment the heaven out of it. Eat this Epic Holiday Sauerkraut with your Thanksgiving dinner or leave it for Santa, and you and your family will surely be jolly because this ferment imparts a heavenly amount of nutrition into your body.

The research by gastronaut Donna Gates shows that consuming at least one live fermented food a day dramatically improves one’s immune system and helps knock out the fungal overgrowth.

Sauerkraut – makes for an immunity boosting, bliss inducing probiotic concoction. Repeat after me: My digestion is heavenly.

A note about buying sauerkraut: I recommend you buy only organic and unpasturized sauerkraut. I love all the companies that make these. We buy 1-4 jars of live sauerkraut a week. But the flavors do get boring (ginger, beet, kimchi, ginger beet, kimchi, ginger, beet, kimchi, ZOINKS!) so it is boldly imperative you make your own, starting NOW in time for Thanksgiving and all those holidays occurring within range of your New Year’s health resolutions. 😉

The flavor tonight ladies and gentlemen is: Rich green cabbage with a zesty burst of cranberry, lemon, sage and rosemary in a way you’ve never experienced before!

The way the friendly bacteria produce their snappy lactic acid on your tongue while breaking down the cell walls of these fine ingredients will have you asking for 2…no…4 servings at least during dinner, give or take.

Epic Holiday Sauerkraut Recipe

Makes about 1/2 – 1 gallon.

You’ll need a food processor with the slicing disc or just a lot of time with a cutting board and a chef’s knife. Remember to curl the tips of your fingers back to avoid cutting yourself please.


Place in a large bowl:

2 large organic green cabbages. Peel and compost the dirty outer leaves. Peel a couple more leaves, set aside. Chop rest to be able to fit through your food processor shoot.

1/2 large onion. Peel outer skin and largely chop.

10 cloves organic garlic. Peel.

big handful washed medium multi-color heirloom carrots. Or any organic carrots.

2 handfuls organic cranberries. Avoid the soft, yucky over-ripe berries. Just use firm washed ones.

OPTIONAL: 3 stalks of celery. Chopped.


Push entier bowl contents into food processor with slicing disc. Empty the food processor every time it gets full into another large bowl.


Place the following into a blender:

3/4 cup spring water

1 very large chopped organic lemon cucumber

juice of 2 lemons

small handful of garden sage. Fresh or dried, either way.

small handful of rosemary. Fresh is best.

2 tablespoons sea salt

1/4 teaspoon cayenne

a fermenting starter. Either juice of a well-done batch of sauerkraut, kefir grains, or an emptied-our capsule of high quality probiotic powders.

OPTIONAL: handful of dulse. For added immunity boosting, high mineral, and stuffing-flavored abundance.


Blend for about 10 seconds, liquidized but not smooth. Pour into bowl of grated vegetables. Massage with clean hands for a couple minutes and get things juicy.


Pour into a non-metal large bowl. Press down and get the juices almost rising to the top. If the juices don’t go that high yet, it doesn’t matter, they will during fermentation. Cover with the clean peeled cabbage leaves set aside earlier. Cover that with upside plates, a few stacked for added weight to press the veggies down so the juices rise up. Don’t use really nice plates as they may become stained by the phyco-pigments (antioxidants!) in the sauerkraut. Covere with a very clean towel. Keep cool (not warm, not cold) for about a week. After a week, transplant into glass jars and store in fridge. Serve to loved ones.


BONUS Recipe: Use this sauerkraut to make The Goddess Mash (a quick’n’easy recipe that’s divinely rich and satisfying)!



Happy Holidays!


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